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Ted's Grooming Room - Step 03 Post Shave Balm

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (well Enfield in London) I started to write up what I thought of the Ted’s Grooming Room range by Ted Baker, starting as you would expect with Steps 01 and 02. 

I’ve had Step 03: Post Shave Balm now for nearly twelve months and as the tube comes to the end of its life it dawned on me that I hadn’t committed my thoughts (my thoughts should always be committed, usually under the Metal Health Act) to the internet about it. Disaster (not).

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150ml of the post shave balm is available here for £9, and back in the day, when first writing about male grooming products I would have thought this expensive, however over a few short months, and after realising how expensive some products (that don’t work) cost, I’ve adjusted my position. It’s a reasonable price and if you read on, I’ll tell you whether you should part with your cash.

So, what do Ted Baker say about the product? Well, they talk like it’s some new form of Anthrax about to be unleashed onto enemy troops! Seriously, this is what they say:

‘For a moisturising finish like no other, deploy Ted’s best kept secret weapon. The soothing eucalyptus will have dry skin waving the white flag.’

While I may have had this for twelve months I have been using a host of other products during that time. Realistically, this would last for around six months if used three times a week. Now that’s still not bad, and even if you don’t get around to using it in that time it doesn’t seem to diminish when left on the shelf. 

I played with a few filters on this shot!

With sensitive skin around my face that is prone to irritation after shaving the prospect of something that could cool potential razor burn was welcomed with open arms. After shaving I regularly get a burn and my skin dries out so quickly once the beard is gone. Anything that can help is a bonus.

First impressions have stuck with this one, I love the smell of eucalyptus and continue to do so. I can literally stand and just sniff my hands the fragrance is so strong and rich. The white balm has a crème like consistency and it was so thick I struggled to comprehend how it would be absorbed. Particularly as after squeezing some out onto the back of my hand it doesn’t seem to be absorbed into the skin at all!

A quick rub and hey presto, a 50 pence sized amount of the balm, rubbed between palms and then applied to the face was enough for me. The fears of it just sitting on the surface were unfounded, as soon as pressure was applied it soaked in so quickly it was hard to keep track of the areas of my face I had already covered. 

Once on the skin the balm does have an immediate cooling effect, and the fragrance remains strong. The first time I used this I applied a second coat so to speak and this again was absorbed really quickly. While there was no tingling sensation I usually experience as the razor burn cools this did settle my skin down, and do it quickly.

After using a dodgy shave cream and shaving down a quite long beard I had a break out of red, itchy and blotch skin around my jaw line. After using this the itching and redness subsided within around thirty minutes. That made me a very happy man. There is little more irritating than a sore and itchy face after shaving. 

Unlike some post shave balms and moisturisers this didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or looking as though I had been varnished. If anything it helps to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch and for that I am thankful. 

Yes, my tube is now empty, and The Last Post is playing in my head (see how I’m staying with a kind of military feel, this is gold people)

When you consider that it is only £8 for a product that will last for ages, smells amazing and helps calm skin down after shaving then you can’t really argue. It’s great value for money from Ted and despite the weaponised marketing blurb it does what it says it will. Go on, if you suffer after shaving you could take a closer look at Step 03: Post Shave Balm.


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