Thursday, March 19, 2015

The death of the beard?

Hipsters, look away now....

If like me gents you hate to shave then probably, at some stage you develop a decent amount of facial fur, and while it’s in style it may have you looking hipper than a Shoreditch hipster but what if beards are on the way out, and the lumbersexual man is a dying breed (cue shock and horror)?

While I can grow a decent beard (it‘s more Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad than Hagrid from Harry Potter), I find more often than not that I’m growing it now to test products to see if they can offer relief from the itch as a beard grows. I hate the itchy feel of a beard growing nearly as much as the pain of having to shave it off! 

So, when I received some interesting research from the people at Fashion Beans in the form of a very snazzy infographic I read it with interest.

While my other half prefers me with a beard, personally I think I look better after a clean shave, and my face less round in shape. What do you think?   

Clean shaven, a touch of stubble and then full blown beard....
The full infographic is reproduced with the permission of Fashion Beans below, but the headline results show that 50% of people prefer the clean shaven look on a man while only 15% said they preferred a beard.

Just in case you can't expand and read it in larger text, here it is broken down below!

So, the people have spoken (well, the 1,001 women who were surveyed), and Fashion Beans have helpfully provided some useful advice in their info graphic as to how you too can the five steps to a perfect shave. I for one will take advice where I can get it! 

Is it the death of the beard? Well, I have to say I may be staying with my beard in the colder months, but come summer, the beard will be not be given a stay, it shall be executed without mercy as my face gets to lap up the sun. Step away from those flowers for your Spring beard gents (flowers in the beard is so 2014), the evidence says we should be shaving more, and that the clean shaven look is what others prefer! 

Fashion Beans wasn’t something I had heard of before, but I’m glad I did. A few visits to their website and I’m hooked on their fashion and male grooming offer. Throw in grooming hints and tips and this is a must visit for men interested in their grooming and women wishing their other halves would take an interest!

Which do you prefer, clean shaven, stubble or a full blown beard? Let me know in the comments below.

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