Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lacoste Booster

Any regular reader will know I have a slight problem with aftershaves - I can’t help but pick them up, try them and buy them. It costs me a fortune, but it’s probably one of the safest addictions to have right?

Lacoste Booster didn’t fall into my collection through the standard routes, my brother actually left a bottle after staying over. It sat in my bathroom for months until I actually smelt it out of curiosity! The reason it had never aroused the urge to smell it previously is due to the extremely ugly packaging! The bottle looks ugly, cheap and very tacky!

Lacoste Booster

You have to see it first hand to really appreciate how nasty it is. A green bottle coated in white plastic with a white plastic pump spray. Classy, I think not. I have never seen this on the shelves of perfume/aftershave counters and I’d be inclined to steer well clear as it gives off so many ’jog on’ signals I can’t understand why anyone would go for it. 

This fragrance was launched in 1996 and is aimed at the sporty, adventurous type of man who wants to feel manly but pleasant at the same time. Taking a peek at the Lacoste website will throw reams of information relating to the history of the company and what this fragrance will do for you.

The notes to Lacoste Booster state that this fragrance has hints of Menthol, Nutmeg, Eucalyptus and Lavender. Taking those main ingredients into account you would think this aftershave would have a very fresh, sweet smelling aroma with wooden undertones. You’d be wrong!

The first time I sprayed this onto my face I gagged! Although I hadn’t sprayed any in my mouth I could actually taste the fragrance it was so strong! This wasn’t a fruity, sweet smell. It was heavy and extremely overpowering. It was difficult to actually distinguish any particular smells at all.

Obviously panic set in. I stank! I was late for work and I literally hummed to high heaven of this stuff. Rather than taking another shower and changing, I headed off to work with rather paranoid thoughts running through my mind. Surprisingly, given 20 minutes, the fragrance changed dramatically. 

The overpowering odour had calmed down and certain smells became evident. The Lavender in particular was most noticeable, and rather than being heavy on my nose, it was bearable and in all honesty, quite refreshing for such an earthy aftershave.

After a few hours of wear, the smell changed again. The ingredients although surprising combined well to give a heavy citrus smell.

Marketed as a manly aftershave it did have that rough around the edges smell, but with only a small amount of time was needed for this to transform into an elegant, subtle fragrance that drew compliments from young and old alike. 

Given that the fragrance starts off being so powerful and heavy, only a little is needed to give you a great feel. Personally, I would recommend this to men aged 30+, and for use really during the day. 

It’s nothing special and if I had a choice, I wouldn’t use this as a pulling fragrance as there are much better aftershaves on the market that will bring the ladies flocking. This isn’t your young mans fragrance, if I had to sum it up, I’d say it was an upmarket version of Old Spice. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but you’re not going to knock people out with the stench.

The cheapest I have seen Lacoste Booster was online at just over £10 for a 50ml bottle. Bearing in mind only a tiny bit is required this is great value for money. Not only is this really cheap, the smell lingers for an absolute age still being evident after 10 hours. Lacoste Booster is too heavy a fragrance for me. 

Personally, I would only buy this if I was watching the pennies.

I prefer to pay that little bit extra and get a light, fruity sweet smelling fragrance from one of the more established fashion/fragrance houses. If you like/enjoy Old Spice, Brut or Fahrenheit this would suit you down to the ground for daywear, and daywear only.


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Confession time, I stink. Yes, I do, today I’m mainly trailing the sweet smell of Polo by Ralph Lauren and will be giving my worldly-wise opinion on it.

Having already established that I’m a big fan of all fragrances by Ralph Lauren I thought today would be an appropriate time to review the first ever Polo fragrance that entered by collection. 

Personally, I picked up my bottles of Polo from a friend who works in duty free, which means a substantial reduction in price for me - circa £15 for a 59ml bottle. In the shops, you can expect to pay pushing £40 for the same bottle. 

The packaging to Polo is styled in a very minimalist way and is a very pale green with a darker green stripe across the front. Although very basic, it looks damn good sat on the counter and even better in the bathroom alongside all of the other bottles in my collection. 

On opening the packaging you are greeted with a lovely Emerald bottle - it looks cool and for some reason I always tend to start humming ‘ten green bottles’. 

The marketing blurb states that Polo has been created to celebrate the tradition of the sporting lifestyle, blended with notes of wood, leather and tobacco to create a lasting, subtle smell that will have an enduring appeal.

Well, the bit you’ve been waiting for! What’s it like?

After shaving I took the glass bottle in hand and then proceeded to struggle with the lid, as my hands were still wet. I dried my hands and had another go. On removing the lid I was presented with a mixed aroma that was heavy, woody and very overpowering. There was a distinct leather smell, which didn’t do much for me at the time!

As the smell was noticeable when just removing the lid I only applied a tiny amount of the aftershave. As soon as it had hit my skin the smell changed quite dramatically. The overpowering heavy smell disappeared and softer woody tones could be smelt. The revolting smell of leather became more and more subdued the longer I wore the aftershave.

Unlike the Polo Sport, Polo does not have a sweet citrus smell and that’s the only reason I do not wear this fragrance when I go out in the evenings. 

It is similar in nature and in some ways smell to Fahrenheit. It will get you noticed in the street, but in a club or bar, this isn’t the aftershave that will have the ladies flocking to sniff your neck! Don’t get me wrong, this aftershave has a distinctive, lovely smell, but it is more for daytime wear and meals with the “in-laws” in my opinion. Not a "pulling" fragrance and for this the aftershave is going to lose points for that!

Would I buy it again?

Yes and I would recommend this aftershave to all who require it. It isn’t too expensive, it has a large bottle, it’s long lasting and the smell is still evident after 10 hours.

My only gripe about Polo is the actual design of the bottle. It does look amazing, but it is a bitch to keep hold of if your hands are wet and I frequently find myself dropping it!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Burger & Lobster - Soho

I’m a big fan of lobster - I love the stuff and since they removed the lobster tank from our favourite local fish restaurant I have been dying to find somewhere else where I can satisfy my cravings.

The first time I attempted to get into Burger & Lobster in Soho I rocked up on a Friday evening to be told that there was a 2 hour wait - WHAT?!? In the end I had to make do with watching others scoff down lovely looking food while I ended up in Burger King with a bottom lip so low I was in danger of tripping over it.

As a treat from her birthday a few weeks ago I took the other half along in the middle of the day in the hope of finally getting my ass onto a seat, a plastic bib round my neck and lobster in my belly. To Soho we returned and even in the middle of a Monday afternoon the place was packed. We waited 10 minutes before being seated.

The drinks menu was great and the range on offer far exceeds what’s on the food menu, in fact it’s probably about three times the size! I opted for Brooklyn Lager while Rachel went for Aspall Suffolk Cider (so predictable).

There are two essentially options and the clue is in the name of the chain - you can have burger or lobster. Alternatively and only if feeling brave or like a contestant on Man vs. Food you can opt for both. The specials board basically lists weights of lobsters and the price. While we were there you could opt for a 6lb lobster for just over £140. Ouch! 

We both ordered lobster and I was surprised when the full lobster arrived with a healthy portion of fries, a lovely looking salad and a gravy boat full of the richest and creamiest garlic butter. 

Whichever option you order the price is £20 plus your drinks and that is spot on in terms of value for money. As the pictures show, it wasn’t a small lobster and after tearing away and dunking the melt in your mouth meat in the garlic butter I was in heaven. I loved the food.

The fries were crunchy, perfectly salted while the salad was crunchy, had a variety of textures and just the right amount of dressing. After wolfing down the lobster and fries I have to say I was stuffed to the gills and couldn’t finish the salad - for shame!

If you are looking for somewhere different, somewhere that cooks seafood to perfection and a happy relaxed atmosphere then this place is for you. Even the waiting staff were uber polite, attentive and nothing was too much trouble for them even though the place was packed.  

Burger & Lobster have six different restaurants across London and you can visit their website here to find your nearest. 


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Scaramouche & Fandango 'Hy' Hydrator

I have had the Scaramouche & Fandango 'Hy' Hydrator since just before Fathers Day. It came with two other Scaramouche & Fandango products as part of an amazing £25 male beauty box from Selfridges&Co.

It wasn't until early July that I got around to using this hydrator and putting it through its paces, I had been using the amazing The Bluebeards Revenge (TBR) Cooling Moisturiser and based upon the smooth and fresh face I had at the time it was going to be a stiff challenge, especially as the heat wave hit London.

Now this stuff is not cheap, oh boy no, a 100ml tube will set you back at least £10. Now to me as a tight wad I think that is quite a bit of cash when brands like L'Oreal and TBR are offering something that is basically the same with a made up scientific name on the side for less.

Anyway, what do Scaramouche & Fandango say about 'Hy' (so hip)?



A cell energiser from a unicellular pseudo algae. Clinically proven to help firm and tone the skin to fight against the signs of fatigue.'

Now my face takes a pounding from the filthy London air, I work on one of the most polluted roads in Europe and don't exactly take the best care of myself so my skin reflects this and hence why I cleanse and moisturise on a daily basis.

The moisturiser is white in colour and as soon as it leaves the tube it has a potent aroma. It's very, no extremely clinical and synthetic in smell and it lingers in the air.

When placed on the back of my hand it didn't soak straight in, in fact it just sat there. It has quite a thick consistency so no danger of it running off my hand and down my shirt - nightmare and its happened in the past.

After rubbing it onto my fingertips I gently applied it into my forehead (a notorious spot for me to get dry skin in between what I call my Gordon Ramsey lines) and it spread easily. A peanut sized blob was enough for me to cover my whole face (and I have a big face, huge Herman Munster forehead).

It was absorbed by my skin really quickly and any worries about the smell were gone. It loses its aroma very quickly once it dries into the skin so no danger of it interfering with an aftershave if applying it quite quickly afterwards.

As the heatwave hit about a week after using this I noticed a bit of dry skin on my hairline. I simply applied a little more of Hy and it cleared the next day - result. 

All in all I was really pleased. Through massive temperatures, long stints on London Underground and lots of sweat (nice), my face has remained moisturised and feels soft and smooth. You can't say fairer than that.

I think it's expensive but if you don't mind the cost you have a product here that does the business.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Mont Blanc Legend Intense

I've always loved Mont Blanc pens and cherish the one I own. It was a few years ago that I tried their Presence for Men and I actually rated it for a while but its draw wore off and I went back to firm favourites.

A 50ml bottle of Mont Blanc Legend Intense fell into my possession thanks to Beautyqueenuk when she returned from France - she dodged the cigarettes I asked for and brought me aftershave, the one thing I don't think I've ever needed. OK, rant over, I feel much better now.

Dexter stands guard over my aftershave

Anyhow, a 50ml bottle of this baby will set you back around £40 for something that is marketed as: 

'Legend reflects the contemporary elegance of the Montblanc brand - both modern and timeless.

The fragrance starts with the fresh aromatic duo of Italian Bergamot and French Lavender.

The heart note is magnetic, revealing a unique woody note - White cedar.

The dry-down owes its unforgettable signature to an overdose of virile Oak moss.' 

Now that marketing blurb would suggest to me a very masculine, earthy fragrance that screams out at me usually to steer clear. In the end I looked up the full notes before trying it out.

They are:

  • Head: Italian Bergamot, French Lavendar
  • Heart: White cedar
  • Dry down: Oak Moss

It's exactly, yes exactly as marketed. 

First impressions when taking it out of the box were 'wow', the bottle is shaped like a hip flask and looked like it had been coated in chrome. It looks uber cool and you can't help but stare at yourself in the bottle.

Two squirts from the atomiser and boom, it was a fragrance explosion - the bergamot and lavendar combine brilliantly and form a strong and floral scent that lingers for some time. The first blast remains for well over 10 minutes and is warm as it dries down to a light woody undertone.

The white cedar is subtle yet after about an hour it felt warmer again, the earthy tones and oak moss brought out a depth that was actually quite overpowering at first. I got used to it and it passed the office smell test.

I really liked this and would say its probably best for daywear, around the office or doing something manly and rugged. You will get noticed wearing this and it is so inoffensive you can do no wrong. However, it is pricey and for that I expect something extra special - well this does it. It has exceptional, nay obscene staying power like no other aftershave. 16-18 hours after applying people still notice it and compliment.

For this and the lavendar explosion I have to say its worth it - just for the cool bottle.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Groomed Two in One Wash - Hair & Body Multitask

Shopping for me is a nightmare - there, I’ve done it, I’ve ’fessed up and they do say that admitting that there is a problem is the first step of recovery! 

While I have a few steady brands I use I just can’t help but pick up new ones just to test them out.

In this case I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the Groomed Two in One Wash Hair and Body Multitask to put through its paces. A 250ml bottle is available from Asda for just £2 so unlikely to break the bank if it is actually any good.

Groomed Two in One Wash - Hair & Body Multitask

Groomed Two in One Wash - Hair & Body Multitask

The marketing blurb states:

‘Guys, take the ‘grrrrr’ out of grooming! 

Expertly formulated for me who want no fuss, quality and results…naturally! 

Bursting with natural extracts this invigorating hair and body combo helps to awaken and refresh, whilst moisturising properties help to combat dry, dull hair and skin.’

So, is it any good?

Well, it comes out like any other shower gel but the fragrance punches you in the face - the blend of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Menthol give you that wake up slap around the face. At the moment I find this perfect to banish the lingering thoughts of sleep as I get ready for work in the morning. Invigorating? Yes, and then some.

The gel lathers up brilliantly and if anything the fragrance gets so much stronger as it is released by the warm water. 

While it is marketed as a body and hair wash I’ve had some dodgy experiences in the past where products like this leave my hair feeling like straw once dried - its as though the products drain all of the moisture out of the shaft leaving me unimpressed. For this reason I erred on the side of caution and didn’t apply to my locks, personally choosing to use this as just a body wash, after all I have a bathroom full of high end shampoos and conditioners to use.

In terms of kicking those crusty smells away I haven’t found anything better - after a day in the office, an hour in cattle class of London Underground in tropical heat and a night out using this leaves me confident that I am indeed clean and smelling lovely.

The menthol lingers on the skin which is reassuring and lasts for a few hours. 

At just £2 for a 250ml bottle this is exceptional value for money. Only a little of the gel is needed to product a thick and rich lather which means a bottle being used every day lasts over a month. It’s bloody good and will be a product I return to over and over again.


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

200 Bloglovin followers giveaway - Thalgo Duo Cleanse & Pure +Freshness Exfoliator

Many many moons ago when GPS and smartphones were just a pipe dream I said in a post here that as a thank you to every one who has supported me by reading, commenting and giving me handy hints I would do a giveaway.

This time it's global guys and girls so everyone who reads my blog has a chance to take part. There are a few terms and conditions below, just so I comply with the rules and regulations.

So, what's up for grabs?

It is a Thalgo gift set that comprises of:

1 x 250 Pure Freshness Tonic Lotion
1 x 250 Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk
1 x 50 ml Freshness Exfoliator

A picture of the boxset is below:

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Holiday T-Shirt Wishlist

As my holiday approaches I’ve been trawling around trying to find the perfect t-shirts to take away.

After finding and bookmarking about 30 websites and about £2,000 worth of t-shirts I managed to get around 10-15 new ones to take away and thought what the hell, I might as well show off the ones I didn’t get around to buying as a kind of wishlist post. 

So here they are, the top five I didn’t get around to buying.

It’s Bullseye time again and in true Jim Bowen style…….innnnnnnnnnnnn one:

I really like the tattoo vibe and plain white background. More recently I've moved back towards white and grey t-shirts, probably to mirror my darker and more warped mood.

Innnnnnnnnnn two......

At £26, this is probably one of the cheapest I found when searching around. I love the lettering ans skull and crossbones.

Innnnnnnnnnn three.........

Available from Sinstar Clothing for £30, this one gives something of a motivational speech in the shape of a cross. A bit religious, but would confirm that I'm no saint! 

Innnnnnnnnnn four......

Again from Sinstar, if you had shown me this t-shirt about 6 months ago and said I would like it I would have laughed in your face. My tastes have changed (it must be the pills) so much and I just can't help liking this design.

I'm not keen on the £35 pricetag, but I still say it's worth it.

Innnnnnnnnnn five.....

Available again from Sinstar Clothing at £35 I just really like the snakepit design. It is different, has skulls and is completely different to anything else I currently own.

I hope you like my choices, yes they are a bit dark but that sums me up beautifully lol. 

Here are some of the t-shirts I did manage to pick up, what do you think?

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Clinique Happy for Men

It's been a while since I posted - I was going to take a bit of a break throughout August as I go and soak up the sun but my blog draws me back. 

Happy by Clinique wasn’t something I’d wanted to try but after a friend encouraged me to buy a bottle on the assurance that it was ’the best ever’ (vague to say the least), I parted with cash and took the plunge. 

Coming in an orange card box, the bottle looks tacky to say the least, oval in shape, the overall first impression was "eurgh" but the looks were indeed deceiving.

On removing the lid I was greeted with a fruity citrus aroma that reminded me more of a bowl of oranges (hence the colour of the bottle I'd say) and upon inspecting the notes, this is marketed as a refreshing masculine scent made from a blend of lemons, mandarins, oranges and grapefruit and is recommended for day wear around the office.

Clinique Happy for Men

The full notes to Happy are:

  • Head: Lime, green notes, mandarin orange, lemon and sea notes;
  • Heart: Freesia, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose;
  • Dry down: Cypress, musk, guaiac wood and cedar.

Taking the blend of ingredients into account it wasn't surprising that my first impression of the fragrance was one of a very acidic, fresh and citrus aroma. As stated earlier, the overbearing initial fragrance is oranges, but once applied it fades quickly and after around 30 minutes the entire fragrance is subtle, the lime and jasmine begins to stand out over the other ingredients. 

Over the course of the day, the lime fades and lemon and oranges are again the predominant fragrances.

This is not what I would call a masculine aftershave, but it is still lovely.

I can't stress enough how subtle this is. Without actually sniffing at area's I had sprayed I wouldn't have known I was wearing this. Saying that however, it is a sign of a good quality aftershave and that it blended well with my skin and can’t actually smell it.

Bearing in mind I couldn't smell this after an hour you would think that quite a large amount of the aftershave would be needed for a day in the office. You'd be wrong, three to four sprays from the 50ml bottle is all that is needed for well over 12 hours of smelling gorgeous.

At under £30 for 50ml, this is a real bargain and is an ideal stocking filler for that man in your life.

Clinique Happy:

  • Smells gorgeous
  • Is reasonably priced
  • Long lasting
  • Refreshing
  • Will get you noticed for all the right reasons
  • Is a versatile fragrance, ideal for office wear, but personally I prefer to wear it when out on the town.
  • The only faults I could find with this fragrance were the actual bottle design which to this day looks completely out of place. It is neither unique nor pleasing to the eye and after shaving it stings like no other aftershave I own. I put this down to the actual citrus and alcohol ingredients, but it is seriously sore for a few minutes after applying.

Taking everything into account, and the fact that you will get noticed wearing this it can only receive the thumbs up from me. 

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