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Beauty Advent Calendars 2019 - Male Edition

How is it nearly Christmas again?!?!? No seriously, the last time I looked it was March! My other half is obsessed with Beauty Advent Calendars. Not only do I have to listen to her talk about the female calendars (I deserve a medal) but it seems like there is a new one released every other day.
Last year I thought was 'peak' beauty advent calendars but again I was wrong. You can see my posts from 2016 here, 2017 here 2018 here  that we still don't rank highly thought of by some brands when it comes to releasing an advent calendar, already 2019 is a pretty poor show, but I have found at least three calendars that have stood out and caught my eye. 

First up we have Clarins, a brand who has for many years created a calendar for men and women.  This time, the advent calendar takes on the shape of a treasure and inside there are 12 products waiting to be found.
Beauty Advent Calendars 2019 - Male Edition
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Clarins, their eye cream did absolutely nothing for me but the Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate I really like.  This advent calendar comes with a £60 price tag later this month and below you can find a full list of what is inside.

Full Contents

  • ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream 20ml
  • ClarinsMen Active Hand Care 75ml
  • Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate 100ml
  • 7 Day Double Serum Sample 4.9g
  • Hydra-Essentiel Lip Balm 3ml
  • Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil 5g
  • ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm 12ml
  • ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower 30ml
  • Fresh Face Scrub 15ml
  • ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel 12ml
  • Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate 100ml
  • ClarinsMen Active Face Wash 30ml
I am really impressed with the sizes of each of these products, it is rare to find a 100ml of anything in an advent calendar. It launches on 29th September and is available from Boots, Harrods and Selfridges.

ASOS Face + Body is similar with product content to that of 2018 and the price has remained the same at £35.  Inside there is 12 products from brand such as L'Oreal, American Crew and Rituals.
Beauty Advent Calendars 2019 - Male Edition
Inside the box, are smaller boxes containing all 12 of the products and for me, this advent calendar is one of the best to come from ASOS since I started my annual review.  A full list of contents can be found below, but if you don't want to know what is inside, scroll quick to see what the third calendar has on offer.

Full Contents

  • 31st State Roll On Deodorant: Full Size
  • Barber Pro Eye Mask x3: Full Size
  • LAB SERIES: Oil Control Clay Cleanser & Mask: 30ml
  • L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energy Sheet Mask: Full Size
  • America Crew Classic Fibre: 50gm
  • Mens Society Beard Oil: Full Size
  • SKYN ICELAND Glacial Face Wash: 30ml
  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid: Full Size
  • Murdock London Beard Moisturiser: 50ml
  • Rituals Samurai Shave Cream: 70ml
  • MEN:U Facial Moisturiser Lift 15ml
  • House 99 All Bright Natural Bronzing Moisturising Gel: 20ml
ASOS state that the box has been designed to be reused and it is on sale right now.

The final advent calendar that has really caught my attention if the Next x Fabled by Marie Claire Advent and it isn't one I was expecting to find if I am totally honest.  The Fabled store is just up the road from my office and they house some incredible brands, some of which can be found inside this calendar.
Beauty Advent Calendars 2019 - Male Edition
Featuring some of my favourite brands such as L'Occitane and Hawkins & Brimble plus there are some brands like House 99 that I would quite like to try. This is a 24 day Advent Calendar and it is priced at £65 with the contents being worth over £210, so it is quite the saving if you are wanting to discover some new brands or become reacquainted with some old favourites.  Again, if you don't want to see the full list of contents, then look away now!

Full Contents

  • Green People Exfoliating Facial Scrub 30ml
  • L’Occitane Cedrat Shower Gel 75ml
  • House 99 All Bright Bronzing Moisturiser 20ml
  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 50ml
  • Hugo Boss Boss Bottled 5ml
  • Barber Pro Gentlemen’s Sheet Mask
  • Mo Bro’s Winter Spice Beard Balm 15ml
  • This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 5ml
  • Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste 25ml
  • Percy Nobleman Beard Wash 30ml
  • Men’s Society Zing Shampoo & Body Wash 50ml
  • Ted Baker Beard Oil 45ml
  • Clinique for Men Face Scrub 15ml
  • House 99 Smooth Back Shaping Pomade 15ml
  • Mr Natty Shave Oil 30ml
  • Hawkins & Brimble Face Wash 150ml
  • 31st State Hair Putty 100ml
  • Hawkins & Brimble Eye Cream 20ml
  • Men-u Shave & Cleanse Duo 2 x 15ml
  • Dr Botanicals Advanced Anti Fatigue Vit C Serum 30ml
  • Brighton Beard Company Mandarin & Cedarwood Beard Oil 10ml
  • Gunslingers Matt Shaper Wax 75ml
  • Monuskin Skin Salvage Men’s Moisturiser 30ml
  • Hugo Boss Boss The Scent 5ml
This calendar is available within the next few days, so definitely one to keep a look out for, either as a treat for your mister or as a gift for yourself.

As always, I am hoping there will be more advent calendars for us males out there, but the one product that has really caught my eye comes from Mankind. How about you?
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Monday, June 03, 2019

Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch

Watches are my favourite item of jewellery and something I wear every single day without fail. I'm yet to succumb to the witchery that is using my phone for absolutely everything and still prefer to feel the weight of a watch on my wrist, otherwise I feel butt naked. 
Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch

Adexe London describe themselves as being the non-conformist brand which differentiates itself from the mass-produced competitors, by offering traditional quality and luxury, but invoking contemporary minimalism. Vertically integrated under one roof. With one mission in mind: 
“Create Finely Crafted, Uniquely Appointed Timepieces at Affordable Prices”. 
I really like that everything from Adexe is designed and manufactured in-house here in London and the story behind the brand is one worth reading.   I was given the option to choose a watch to review and I had quite a problem deciding which watch I liked the best, there is quite the choice of strap design, the design of the face and not to mention the colour of both before deciding which size watch face works best with your wrist.  In the end, I managed to whittle my choice down to the Mac Grande Mesh watch.
Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch Presentation Box
Presentation is important when buying anything to me and I really like the brightly coloured box the watch comes presented in.  Removing the lid, inside you see the watch in all its glory already fixed together and ready to wear.  

The Mac Grande Mesh is black in colour and is made from hand-polished All Stainless Steel. Priced at £119, this watch could quite easily be worn by anyone regardless of their sex and because it is black in colour, it can be worn with any outfit be it formal or casual.
Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch Dial

Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch
Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch
Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch
The Adexe Mac design is available in three different styles depending on your preference for colour and size and each watch also comes with a pair of pre-set extra straps in black or brown colour. In addition to the extra strap, inside the box you will also find that this watch also includes a really tiny tool which means you can change your strap you without having to set foot within a jewellers or watchmakers to ask them to do it for you.  Some of the features of this watch include:
  • Case Material: Hand-Polished All Stainless Steel
  • Case size: 41 mm diameter 
  • Band Width: 20 mm 
  • Glass: Curved Hardened Crystal 
  • Straps: Hand-Made Mesh Band
  • Waterproof: 3 ATM
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota GM15
  • Battery: 5 years
The dial of the Adexe MAC Grande Gun Black Watch is also a matte black colour, and the dial features a slightly sunken sub-dial which features five minute markers whereas the the outer dial houses the hours, so for me, this design makes it really easy to tell the time without having to squint at a small dial to figure it out. The hands on the dial are a matte silver hands which really compliment the black gunmetal design. At the base sub-dial you will also notice that there is a small number which represents the date of the current month without displaying the month. I am quite looking forward to see how well the dates work with the changing numbers of days per month.

The extra set of straps to accompany my watch or not just any ordinary leather strap, it is a contactless strap.  I know I said I didn't like to rely on my phone to do absolutely everything for me, but I was intrigued by the term 'Contactless Strap'.
Adexe bPay Contactless Strap

Adexe bPay Contactless Strap
To look at, the strap just looks like any normal leather watch strap, but this is anything but.  The bPay Contactless Straps features a contactless chip which is safely secured within the strap. This chip then enables you to pay quickly and securely for any purchases of £30 and under, making it perfect for everyday use, commuting, a night out and even travelling. For me, as someone who commutes on a daily basis, the option of just flicking my wrist over the tap-in options for the tube and bus to allow me to get on with my day.

The bPay straps work with any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. All you need to do is download the free bPay app, or visit to activate your account, top it up with money from your account and you are good to go.  All I have to say is that if this technophobe can manage to make this work, then anyone can!

This is my first watch from Adexe London and it has been quite the experience, not ony have I got myself a watch that I can wear for any occasion, but I also have one which means I don't have to worry about carrying a lot of cash with me at all times and I also have the means of getting around London, not should I forget my wallet, but when I do!


Adexe London Mac Grande Mesh Watch

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SKINCARE: Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Black Leopard

Hello 2019, and what a way to bring in the New Year and mark my return to my little blog by looking at a new range of skincare products for men from Black Leopard Skincare. With a range that includes moisturiser, aftershave, and face scrub, today I’ll be focusing on Black Leopard Eye Cream.
Skincare by Black Leopard
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Black Leopard
A 15ml tube of the cream will set you back A$29, that’s about £16 which for an eye cream if it works is in my view pretty good value for money. 

This is what they say about the eye cream over at their website here:
‘This anti-wrinkle cream developed using the most advanced anti-ageing technology is specifically designed for use on men’s skin. Reducing puffiness and dark circles. Increasing elasticity, locks in moisturiser and plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles. Be amazed by how good your skin looks by adding this one step to your nightly routine.
But obviously, the crux of whether you should lay out your hard earned cash on this rests with whether it will actually banish those bags and help make your face look that bit smoother and less battle-worn (like my own)

I received the full range as a PR sample back in October shortly after coming out of hospital when I frankly looked like I’d been dead for a month, buried and then dug up again. Not a good look. Wanting to feel better about myself this was the first product I reached for, and after a good eight weeks of using it in the evening I’ve discovered that yes, yes this really does have a positive effect. 

A tiny pea sized amount of the cream is all that’s needed – it has a great consistency that makes it easy to spread around the eyes and into the crevasses that I’ve cultivated over the years without leaving your fingers, hands and face feel greasy. Win! 

After a week of using the cream the skin tone and feel to the touch of the skin around my eyes had started to be transformed. By the end of week two the dark bags and circles were barely noticeable and the crows feet had visibly reduced. My skin was as they promised plumper and silky smooth.

I hate looking in the mirror and seeing a corpse looking back. Thankfully, by using this beauty of a product it’s no longer an issue for me. At £16 for a product that is still going strong I have to say it represents excellent value for money, provides outstanding results and will last for month after month.

Black Leopard knock the spots off the competition.


SKINCARE: Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream by Black Leopard

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