Monday, March 02, 2015

Sanctum Soho Hotel - Fusing Fashion with Artistry

When the black envelope embossed with gold writing popped through the door I had no idea what to expect. As soon as I opened it I quietly mouthed the words “how freakin’ cool” (expletives have been substituted) as I read that I had been invited to a launch event at the Sanctum Soho Hotel.

So what was being launched? Well, first of all there was the limited edition Sanctum Soho fragrances for him and her along with a range of cosmetic/clutch/wash bags designed by world renown tattooist Dan Gold

How cool is that wallpaper?!?

Cosmetic/wash bags on display

As soon as I wandered into the hotel (the first time I had visited) I was blown away by the cool atmosphere - not only did I get to finally say hello to the lovely Sophie (the reason for my love of all things Fish Soho) from KMI Brands, but cool oozes out of every pore of this 30 bedroom hotel in the heart of Soho.

There are some pictures below of the products themselves. The limited edition fragrances (which retail at £195 here), developed by Domitille Bertier come in a stunningly cool box designed by Dan, using his revolutionary style of fusing tattoo art and graffiti. Personally I love the box design, and I want one! As for the fragrances I found myself moving through a range of emotions as I tried the male version. 

The top notes of pepper are really strong, and I mean, stupidly strong on first application but it dries down faster than anything I have ever smelt before, which means that the initial phew is replaced by a wow.….warm and spicy. Nice.

The female version reminded me of about three other female perfumes. It sort of started off like Bvlgari Pour Femme to me and dried down to smell like a lighter version of Jo Malone. Strange, but I did keep going back to sniff it more. Again, lovely stuff.

Now, for the Dan Gold designed wash bags - out of this world. With prices ranging from £12.50 to £26, so quite affordable and a perfect chance to own what are in effect multi-purpose bags with stunning designs on them. You can see the whole range here but personally I like the Rose Skull Comestic Purse, it would make a great gift and the male wash bags (that are large enough to be used as tablet cases) would be an excellent gift for men who like skulls, tattoos or edgy street art. 

I have this one and it is perfect as a wash bag or tablet case

Apart from playing the celebrity spotting game, sipping champagne and soaking up the edgy atmosphere I had a lovely evening, it’s one I won’t forget. 

Me trying not to be blinded by the flashes or projection!

Now I just need to save up enough for a bottle of the aftershave and a night in one of the suites at Sanctum Soho Hotel, everything about it oozes class and sophistication. Top notch evening and top of the range products. 

Thank you Sanctum and thank you KMI Brands.


As an aside, you can see my footage of the cool presentation of the products on my Instagram page here (crank up the sound to hear the amazing soundtrack).

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