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RazorBrite - For blades that go on and on....

RazorBrite will always be a bit special to me, after all it was the first PR sample sent to yours truly after setting up this little blog over twelve months ago. Yes, I know I like to test things over time but I genuinely thought I had written about this already and it wasn’t until the weekend that I realised the original post, written way back in March 2014 was indeed still sat there. Sorry guys! 

This blade has been going for months and is still really sharp
If like me you are tighter than a fishes bum yet have to shave on a regular basis then you will know that the cost of blades is simply a form of blatant daylight robbery. I honestly can’t remember a time when I bought blades and didn't feel as though I was being brutally violated. 

They are expensive here in the United Kingdom. Now I’m not sure if the cost is just a very British thing, but paying nearly £15 for four blades that used to last for two, maybe three shaves at a time seems excessive. 

So, RazorBrite, it’s a fluid solution system (i.e. a dipping pot and bottle of the liquid) that they say can extend the life of a razor blade by up to twenty times, yes, twenty times. That would save me, and any other shaver a fortune, particularly as a 150ml kit costs only £12.

So, what are the exact claims being made, after all, extending the life of a blade up to twenty times is quite bold. 

‘Whether you dispose of your razor blades daily, weekly or monthly, RazorBrite extends the life of all popular brands of razor blades including Gillette Fusion and Wilkinson Sword by up to 20 times.

RazorBrite offers fantastic savings on the cost of your shaving bill, and it works with both men’s and women’s shaving products. Why spend so much money on replacement razor blades when a single RazorBrite Kit will maintain a pack of blades for the whole year?

A single kit, containing a 150 ml bottle of RazorBrite solution and a small dipping container (with full instructions), is all you need to stop buying replacement razor blades for the next 12 months, offering considerable cost savings.

Does RazorBrite mean your shave will take considerably longer? No! The process is very simple, and adds no more than 30 seconds to your shaving time.

Once you’ve tried RazorBrite, it will quickly become an essential part of your grooming kit.’

I followed the steps below (ripped off directly from the RazorBrite website):

Step 1: Shave as normal.

Step 2: Rinse blade in cold water and shake off surplus.

Step 3: Move blade around in the RazorBrite solution (in dipping container) and shake off surplus.

Step 4: Store as normal to dry.

The entire process was incredibly quick. I have to say that I hardly notice my use of Razor Brite now, it has just become part of the routine when shaving. It has however saved me a fortune. A pack of four blades has now lasted for nearly twelve months and they are still gliding through the hair on my face as and when required.

The first time I used this I didn’t see much difference, but after swilling the blade around in the solution the second time is was obvious that the residue and product build up on the blade was being removed. It’s actually really cool when you see the scum coming off. 

The solution removes the crystal build up on the blade. It isn’t visible to the naked eye but I have found that the solution seems to unclog blades so quickly it is sometimes better than using warm water when shaving.

Despite using this on my blades (the strong chemical aroma suggests it may be a bit rough on skin), when using the right pre and post shave products there is no irritation to my skin. That for me is a massive plus and it was something that had originally played on my mind when deciding whether or not to use it.

I have been using RazorBrite for over a year and my original 150ml bottle of the solution has about a third left. It does represent excellent value for money and has saved me £155 over the time I have used it. You can’t argue with savings like that.

Suitable for male and female blades this is one of those products that looks a bit dull but are hugely functional. It deserves more love, and far more exposure as it really is something any shaver should have to hand. The claim of extending life by up to twenty times seems to be about on the money for me.


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  1. Would it damage the gel/ cream bars that are often on women's razors? Eg. Venus with olay moisture

    1. Hi Amber, if you leave the blade in the dipping pot for a prolonged period of time, say 24 hours then yes it does dissolve. If just swilling it around it has no effect on the gel bars. What you do find though is that because the blades have lasted so long the bar dies well before the blade is ready to be thrown away. Hope that helps. Stephen

  2. I did expect this product to be a gimmick, but surprisingly it is not and it does work, your razors are great to use afterwards ha x

  3. Free delivery promo this month too. Excellent!

  4. Had no idea that such a product existed so have learnt something new. Wonder if razor manufacturers are annoyed by this product as they will sell less?
    BTW did you know that razorblades are amongst the most shoplifted items in the UK? #beingboring

  5. Oh! Interesting - will recommend/mention to my husband who has just qualified as a Barber!

  6. OK - that almost sounds too good to be true. My hubby shaves daily so I will definitely be getting him some of this.


  7. Wow! I've never heard of anything like it!! www.anonymousmodeaparis.com

  8. Sounds too good to be true, I'm glad it's not though! xx

  9. Razors are such a rip off, I didnt know anything like this existed. x

  10. I'll let my hubby know about this one! xxx

  11. Sounds great, very annoying when razors go blunt.


  12. This sounds bloody brilliant, I hate how expensive razor blades are!!

    Jess xo

  13. Can I just say that now I'm kind of obsessed with your blog since I can always think of something to get for the boyfriend for birthday/ surprise gifts etc? Great review as always. I actually need to get my hands on this ASAP.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  14. Very interesting post,thank you for sharing with us!Kisses,M.


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