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The Refinery - Regent's Place

It’s Wednesday, what better time to plan what you will be doing this weekend (or tonight if your week is going that badly). To assist you with your preparation, today’s post has been written by my good friend, the Bromley Boozer…..

A very refined experience

When such a stylish invitation arrived in the post, rather than just an email, with an invitation to check out The Refinery, a new bar in Euston, central London I was pretty excited to go. 

The Refinery - Regent's Place

Finding it should have been no problem, after all it’s five minute walk from Euston station and about five other tube stations. However in my rush to leave work I forgot to do a quick check on the exact location.  

So after a quick meet-up drink in a nearby pub I consulted with my companion BeautyKingUK.  Google maps weren’t working properly on my phone so after deciding not to ask a policeman for directions (he was making an arrest at the time so seemed a bit busy) and rejecting Stephen’s advice to go into Euston station and look for a map on the wall (very 1980s) we did finally stumble across it more through luck than any form of judgement whatsoever.

When we arrived my first thought was that it wasn’t what I was expecting. Given the name The Refinery I expected something more industrial like a processing plant or something but maybe that’s just me and I was thinking of an oil refinery. Anyway it’s actually a large ground floor space of what looks like a new office block and has a real wow factor with huge floor to ceiling windows and endless rows of bottles of spirits and wines visible from the outside.  There’s tons of outdoor seating which will be great for warmer weather. And on our visit they had thoughtfully provided hot water bottles.  Unfortunately I think I will be prevented from including a picture of Stephen hugging a hot water bottle outside in the cold pulling funny faces (the unfair power of the editor).

Yes, yes you will be prevented from including that picture!

The Refinery - Regent's Place

The Refinery - Regent's Place

In true Beautykinguk style (see I do read the blog really) – here’s is what the marketing people say about The Refinery:

‘Scandinavian style runs throughout the one-floored wonder with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, polished natural timbers, reclaimed flooring and antique copper accents. Discerning drinkers are invited to sink into a lowslung leather chair or sofa, draped as they are with faux furs and hides, or prop up the chunky statement bar built from stacked oak sleepers for the best seat in the house.

Diners, meanwhile, can choose from high or low tables, with plenty of spaces to eat and relax for singles, couples and group get-togethers. Snag a spot at the marble-clad counter and watch all the theatre of the open-plan kitchen as you dine. And as we ebb towards spring, the large outdoor terrace will really come into its own, furnished with lush potted plants, warm blankets and outdoor heaters for when day turns to dark.’

Once inside the place was buzzing and within thirty seconds we had our first cocktail in our hands  -  a Juniper Garden (containing Tanqueray Gin, Aperol, coriander & juniper syrup and cucumber) was refreshing and certainly tasted fresh. The cucumber swizzle stick reminded me of the celery stick you get with a Bloody Mary.

The Refinery - Regent's Place
A Juniper Garden

Next up was a Prince Regent with lemon-infused Snow Queen vodka, lychee liquor, grapefruit juice and Prosecco. This was my favourite as I pretty much love any cocktail with vodka in it and Snow Queen is my next favourite brand after Grey Goose.  The combination of lychee and grapefruit worked well and stopped it from being either too sharp (the grapefruit) or too sweet (the lychee)

The Refinery - Regent's Place
The Brit Spritzes with their edible flowers next to Prince Regents

Finally a Brit Spritz.  This one won the prize for the prettiest cocktail I’ve ever seen – all complete with edible flowers in the top. Well they said they were edible but there were canapes so I wasn’t that hungry for flowers.  

You can see what they did with the name of the cocktail here using Chapel Down Brut sparkling wine from Kent, elderflower cordial and Kamm & Sons.  

Having never heard of that last ingredient I looked them up and it turns out they are a British aperitif made from a secret family recipe with no less than 45 natural botanicals including all kinds of weird things like nuts, peels, roots and leaves. Pretty interesting actually and you can read more about them here - imagine a bottle is not cheap though if it’s that complicated to make.

Time flew and it was soon time to go – sadly you can’t drink cocktails all night and fully appreciate the flavour; let alone walk in a straight line.  

I had a lovely time and this would be a great place to meet up with friends after work as it’s so central.  

There’s a massive menu too so I’m keen to go back and try the food soon. There are pudding cocktails on the menu (e.g. a Tirimasu martini) and that alone has got to be reason enough to go back!

5 Brock Street
Regent’s Place


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