Monday, July 06, 2020


I have a bit of a thing for watches, ever since my beloved Bvlgari watch died after a fall from height I've tried numerous different watches from an array of brands and none of them have felt quite right. The latest watch to my collection was kindly gifted to me via Trendhim, a website which designs quality men’s accessories that are fashionable and affordable. They currently have 13 brands within their portfolio and offer everything from suit accessories and wallets to Jewellery and watches. 
I chose the Sinclair Mezzo Watch (£69) which features a Danish design and it features a Japanese Quartz movement.  I was drawn to it because of the watch face, a design that I haven't come across before and I also liked the look of the watch strap too.
Made of Stainless Steel for the strap, the watch also features a Zinc Alloy Case. With regards to the dimensions, the strap is 2cm wide with the face diameter being 4cm.  The watch face itself is quite plain, the brand name quite clearly positioned at the top, but the only numbers visible sit in the middle of the face, at first, I thought this was a sticker, but it is in fact part of the design and around it, the hands work their round, so it is still easy to tell the time, without the numbers.

I like that this watch is one which could be worn for any occasion, not that we have been out much since the lockdown came into play, but it works just as well with formal attire as it does with the casual.  The watch is also really lightweight, you barely register that it is on your wrist, which for me is another plus.

For £69, this watch is beautifully designed and made, it fits snug to my wrist without being too tight and I think I made a really good choice of watch. As an added extra when making a purchase, you can also choose whether or not to engrave your watch, add gift wrapping and even swap the box it is presented in to something a little more hard wearing too.

A lovely comfortable watch, it looks great and won't read the bank.


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