Saturday, May 31, 2014

Silver Shadow by Davidoff

Silver Shadow (sounds like it should be an evil nemesis of Spiderman) was not a fragrance I had ever heard of until a raft of samples of the pure blend Eau de Toilette and regular Eau de Toilette came flying through the post.

Despite the difference in name and price between the two blends, ultimately there is very little difference and therefore no need to write two individual reviews of the aftershaves.

For the record I will be reviewing my thoughts on the pure blend Eau de Toilette, which normally comes in both 50ml and 100ml bottles that don't contain an atomiser - I still find it weird to apply aftershave without an atomiser, I always apply far too much.

Prices range wildly as you would expect from online and high street retailers. Normally a 100ml bottle would cost in the region of £20 online with prices on the high street approaching the £40 mark.

The marketing for Silver Shadow states that it is a non-ordinary fragrance for a non-ordinary man (you can say that again). Charismatic and mysterious, the Davidoff Silver Shadow man leaves behind him an unforgettable fragrance trail. His fragrance is his signature, a fascinating shadow of his personality. (Source:

With the hindsight of smelling the fragrance I can’t help a wry sarcastic smile at the words ‘unforgettable fragrance trail‘. Yes, unforgettable, truly unforgettable!

Functional, but very boring, the bottle doesn't really project the luxurious image it would appear Davidoff aims for. As I’ve said, the bottles do not have an atomiser, therefore the aftershave is simply poured onto the hand to apply.

Personally this reminded me of days gone by when I used to play with (and empty to his displeasure) my dads aftershaves trying to feel grown up. It's been years since I'd used an aftershave where you had to measure out the quantity by sight alone!

The notes to Silver Shadow are:

  • Head: Orange, coriander and cedar leaves
  • Heart: Saffron and patchouli
  • Dry Down: Amber and oak moss

From the notes I had an idea that Silver Shadow would be a heavy fragrance, there were simply too many earthy ingredients for it to be anything else, but on application I was pleasantly surprised by the head notes, the orange citrus was overwhelming and the zest seemed to block out the coriander and cedar fragrances completely.

I wasn't very liberal when applying either, literally a tiny amount of the fragrance was required to leave the room smelling like the inside of an orange box. This is strong and felt like an assault on my senses!

Unfortunately, the citrus orange note faded quickly and only a faint undertone remained and this is in my opinion where the fragrance started to go horribly wrong.

The coriander and cedar start to become overpowering, making what was a strong fragrance overly heavy and arid. There was nothing refreshing about the application or indeed the fragrance. Combined with the heart notes and finally the dry down of amber the fragrance become exceptionally heavy with no redeeming features.

It was too warm and earthy with the oak moss being most evident. In an attempt to give this a masculine aroma, Davidoff have simply added too many ingredients that counteract each other and after around an hour I smelt like I had been camping in woodland for a week.

Overall I was hugely disappointed with Silver Shadow. It is a hard wearing fragrance due to the heavy ingredients and lasts for well over 12 hours, sadly that is not a good thing at all.

When you take into consideration the price, the fragrance and the fact that everyone you pass will look at you as though you have just murdered a close family relative I would not recommend this to anyone. If asked to describe Silver Shadow in a nutshell I would have to say that it is a bastardised blend of old spice combined with topsoil!

Personally after using this once I decided that I would never ever wear it again, and I certainly would not shell out up to £40 for a bottle. If earthy, rugged masculine fragrances are for you then there is a slight chance that you will find Silver Shadow acceptable for daywear and possibly formal occasions.

Silver Shadow is not luxurious, charismatic and mysterious, however it is unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joop! Jump

Launched in March 2004, Joop! Jump was one of the first of the new range as they sought to capture a greater share of the fragrance market. 

Joop being one of my favourite fragrances means that I’m guaranteed a bottle at every special occasion. However back in the day for some strange reason rather then the warm purple bottle of the original Joop I was gifted the warm Royal Blue bottle of Joop! Jump and to be honest I had no idea how it would smell. 

What I did have an inklings of was that it would be a light and fresh fragrance in the same way as the original. 

Joop Jump
Available in both 50ml and 100ml bottles of the EDT or aftershave, prices range from £30 for the 50ml and £40 for the 100ml bottle. Joop! Jump can be purchased online or alternatively from most perfume/aftershave counters where I’ve found that you do have to search it out. 

Marketing for Joop! Jump was slack to say the least when first released and I have to admit this isn’t a fragrance I have seen on TV or in magazines. 

The marketing blurb states that this is the fragrance to make you jump out of your suit, established yet unconventional providing a cool sensation yet a uplifting and refreshing fragrance. OK…. 

On closer research I was amazed to find that Jump! Jump actually contains the fragrance of frozen vodka. Result, you too can smell like a pickled hobo on a wet Wednesday! 

The full notes to the aftershave are:  

  • Head Notes: Rosemary, thyme and grapefruit 
  • Heart: Frozen Vodka, coriander leaves and heliotrope 
  • Dry-Down: Tonka bean oil, vetiver oil and musk oil. 

My first impressions on application were that this was a very cool fragrance, after shaving there was no noticeable burn, which is always nice! The lack of burn on application was welcomed as it also meant that any subsequent rash from the burn was therefore not forthcoming. 

Turning to the smell, well that perplexed me for weeks as to what the actual smell was. It reminded me of sweets as a child and the grapefruit and citrus undertones were the most powerful of the main notes. 

Only a small splash of the aftershave was required for good coverage and the fragrance quickly fills the room in a very good way. 

The head notes are evident for well over 30 minutes until it begins to react with skin and alter, and boy does it alter! The coriander brings a warmer sensuous fragrance to the fore in mixture with the light citrus which does fade leaving it noticeable, but not in an overbearing way. 

Again, after a further hour the citrus fades even further, and the heart note of musk oil begin to give the fragrance that added manly smell. 

Mixed with the very faint citrus of the grapefruit, hints of coriander and musk this remains very light but warm making it extremely unique and completely different to the original Joop! 

As only a small amount is required due to the strength on first application, a 50ml bottle when used every day will last for months making it very good value for money. 

In terms of longevity Joop! Jump is exceptionally hardwearing and is still evident after 12 hours. 

I personally loved this fragrance when first released aged 26 (yes, I am sobbing like a baby for my lost youth) but my tastes have changed over the years. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing aftershave.

Thankfully the hints of frozen vodka do not leave you smelling like an inhabitant of Wetherspoons leaving Joop! Jump as a fragrance that can be worn for work, on nights out and special occasions. This is another stunning addition to the Joop! family of fragrances.

Despite my own personal tastes changing this gets a high recommendation from me. It’s the perfect pulling fragrance, is hard wearing and doesn’t cost the earth. 


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Friday, May 16, 2014

Simple Exfoliating Body Wash

When it comes to my cleansing and exfoliating regime my face is not the only part of my body that receives large amounts of attention on a daily basis (stop vomiting at the back those with crude minds)

To say that I find cleanliness next to godliness is generally a massive understatement. 

There is no point in paying meticulous attention to the visible areas of the body whilst leaving the areas covered by clothes in a battered and abused state. That is why I use an array of lotions and potions, one of which is Simple Exfoliating Body Wash.

A 250ml bottle of the Simple exfoliator sells in most supermarkets and large chemists for only £2.10 and this I believe represents exceptional value for money considering the results, length of time a bottle lasts for and the fact that as it is not perfumed.

This can be used by everyone, even those with super sensitive skin. Easy to spot due to the light orange colouring (it doesn’t containing and artificial colourings) my first impressions when picking it up were that it looked like it contained little brown flecks which on closer inspection of the ingredients turns out to be natural Loofah.

The exfoliator claims that due to being specially formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils it will leave your skin feeling revitalised, smooth and softened with the natural balance of your skin being restored to improve skin tone and stimulate circulation. In this case the main essential oil is Chamomile which soothes and softens.

I rarely believe anything I read and had I bought this based upon the claims I would have been sorely disappointed, however as it was more of a punt than any scientific purchase the results and quality of the product are on a par with far more expensive exfoliators available.

If you will pardon the pun, the exfoliator is ‘simple’ to dispense and to completely cover my body a blob of around 2cm in diameter is all that is required. As it is dispensed onto the hands it honestly doesn’t feel like an exfoliator as it is quite thick and the bits used to exfoliate can’t be felt at all until you start to massage it into the skin. 

The thick consistency makes the exfoliator very easy to apply and as it is spread over the body becoming thinner it is then that the bits start to become evident. Once the bits within the exfoliator can be felt whilst massaging it into the skin it starts to lather up beautifully, but instead of having the same effect as a soap or normal shower gel, the lather is neither rich or long lasting and as soon as the massaging stops the lather fades very quickly.

Unlike my usual exfoliators Simple is not as abrasive and the bits seem to caress my skin rather than act as a mild form of sandpaper. 

The first time I used the product I didn’t think that it would have the same effect as the more expensive brands just because there wasn’t a mild scraping sensation when using it. 

The product is washed off with ease and leaves no residue at all. There is nothing worse than drying off, getting dressed and then finding bits of exfoliator stuck to your skin. Thankfully this is not a problem with Simple Exfoliating Body Wash.

As far as results are concerned for the price paid for this product I was amazed. 

As soon as the exfoliator is washed off my skin was left with something of a glow and it was incredibly smooth to the touch. After drying off the smooth feeling remained and it did feel much softer for around half an hour before it just felt how it does when using any other shower gel. 

After around an hour the glow seemed to go, with hindsight the glow had probably more to do with the hot shower rather than the product however it had left me clean, with smooth skin and it was obvious that the dead skin I had noticed on my arms had been removed.

To summarise, I am very pleased with Simple Exfoliating Body Wash, it is cheap, gentle, cleans really well and has some benefits for my skin. However, it isn’t as good as more expensive exfoliators I’ve used. 

I now prefer to use this product as a daily shower gel due to the affordable price in comparison to other shower gels because it is so gentle, however I still keep some of the other higher end exfoliating products for when I really do need to sandpaper off some patchy skin. 

If you are looking for a cheap no nonsense exfoliator I have no problems in recommending.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

True Star for Him by Tommy Hilfiger

Cast your mind back to 2006 - Gnarls Barkley was ‘Crazy‘, The Fray were singing about ‘How to Save a Life’ and The Black Eyed Peas were encouraging people to ’Pump It’. 

While others were smashing the Billboard charts, Beyonce on the other hand was trying her best to flog the female version of Tommy Hilfiger True Star. That‘s interesting fact number one, but how many have seen the rarely shown advert for the male version advertised by Spanish crooner Enrique Iglesias? Not many I would imagine!

The obsessive compulsive in me had been kept in check for some time until I saw an offer I just couldn’t pass up. Despite never having had the urge to try any Tommy Hilfiger products due to the association with Ali G* and the overall image of chav** that springs to mind whenever I utter the name.



The offer in question was a 50ml bottle of True Star for £12.99 as part of a deal with Cerruti 1881 EDT. 

True Star is available in all major high street stores and online retailers in 50ml and 100ml bottles. 

You can normally expect to pay £25 for a 50ml bottle and it does pay to shop around. As said earlier, I bought this as part of a discount with another product.

The first thing to strike you about True Star is the elegant looking bottle, not only does it look sleek on the shelf, the frosted glass is tapered at both the top and bottom, capped by a chrome atomiser that dispenses the aftershave. 

This is quite possibly one of the classiest bottles I've ever seen and it upped the anticipation that this actually might be a very good fragrance despite my preconceptions of it's chav image.

The notes to True Star detail the ingredients as:

  • Head: Pink grapefruit and Lavender
  • Heart: Black liquorice, Nutmeg and Vetiver
  • Dry-down: Saffron, Sandalwood and Musk oil

First things first, this aftershave is strong. Only two blasts of the atomiser were required to fill my bathroom with the initial aroma and there was no noticeable burn on application, always a good sign in my books. The initial note to strike my senses was indeed the pink grapefruit, the lavender being only a slight undertone to the main note. 

Extremely refreshing, light and fruity were my first impressions, and this remained throughout the following minutes as the faint hint of liquorice combined with the grapefruit to form something of a spicy partnership.

The actual nutmeg wasn't evident as a fragrance however it did make the fragrance heavier, it no longer felt light and if anything the fragrance become somewhat stronger and more noticeable as I moved around. This was in no way unbearable and reminded me of Acqua di Gio by Armani.

The dry down notes didn't become evident at all until after an hour of wearing. The sandalwood and musk oil instead of making this exceptionally heavy seemed to stand off against the liquorice that gives True Star a feel of being overly masculine with a slight feminine appeal.

Basic notes combined wonderfully to provide a medium balanced fragrance that was not light but not overly heavy on the senses. In my opinion True Star should be seen as a unique fusion between citrus and earthy notes that will appeal to everyone regardless of their personal tastes.

Lasting for well over 8 hours I would say this is a multi-purpose fragrance that could be used for any occasion. Personally I've found that the people who come into contact with me like the fragrance and it receives compliments and I’ve not had any cursory glances on public transport that suggests it doesn’t reek! 

The only time I get strange glances is when I mention who this is made by - people genuinely seemed shocked that Tommy Hilfiger has produced such a lovely fragrance. 

Overall I was stunned with how wrong my preconceived view of this product was and I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone. I am man enough to admit I was wrong and I wholeheartedly apologise to Mr Hilfiger.

True Star would make an ideal gift and is certainly good value for money.


*Ali G was at the height of his fame. A parody of chav culture of being inept, uneducated and proud. He also wore Tommy clothing.

**Chav, a very common British phrase to describe people of a lower class - it actually stands for....Council House And Violent

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

In the time that I’ve used Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub there are two things I’ve struggled to avoid: 

  • Doing a comedy Candy Crush ‘sugar crush’ sound effect every time I pick it up;
  • Removing the lid and inhaling the amazing fragrance of brown sugar, almond oil and sweet lime. There is an immediate flashback as the blended fragrance is identical to cola cubes, a staple diet of the young Stephen.

This is something I’ve looked at in the bathroom but had never used until curiosity in the bath got the better of me. Ever since I’ve been addicted to what is one of the best body scrubs ever.

Unlike most of this shizzle there is no real flowery blurb to give it the hard sell on how this will transform scaly skin, or buff your stuff. No, all you get with Sugar Crush is an outline of what is actually in it. 

Smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains all blend to create a heavenly fragrance that smells so nice I really do want to taste it. 

The resulting blend of ingredients creates a gooey brown scrub - you can really see the grains of macadamia. Scooping it out is really easy and as you apply it to the skin the first thing you’ll nice is that the gooey texture is a doddle to rub over the skin. As it becomes watered down the grains start to work their abrasive magic. 

If you have dry skin you can’t argue with the abrasive nature of Sugar Crush - hell, if you use it too much I’m sure you’d rub down to bone eventually! 

There is no lather, but instead it spreads and you can feel the almond oil on the tips of your fingers. A not unpleasant sensation but it left me wondering if my skin would feel oily. 

If anything, the sweet smell is magnified as you wash. After a while it actually starts to smell refreshing as the sweet limes become more evident.

After drying off the results of the body scrub are really clear - my skin was visible radiant, was soft to the touch and the fragrance while incredibly subtle was still noticeable on my skin. It’s lovely. My fears of having oily skin were completely unfounded. 

The first time I used Sugar Crush I used way too much and with a 300 ml tube costing around £8 I thought this wouldn’t last long.  As I’ve tempered the amount I use and restricted to using twice a week it has lasted and lasted. 

For the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth I’d happily shell out for this but when you take into account the lovely smell and the fact that it lasts for ages then I give it a firm thumbs up. It’s amazing.

The sickly sweet smell may not be to the taste of everyone but I love it.


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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme

With a sensitive nose and obsession never to give off an Old Spice aroma my favourite aftershaves tend to be light, fruity numbers that have long lasting staying power and the head turning factor that boosts the confidence.

As regular readers will know, my current favourites include anything from the range by Bvlgari, Joop and Davidoff Game all of which are rock solid performers in the aftershave stakes.

With a collection of aftershaves that now requires draw space in addition to shelves in my wardrobe one of the aftershaves that I tend to be use infrequently is Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme.

A 50ml bottle of the 1881 Pour Homme version of the aftershave will cost anything from £30 to £40 making it quite expensive in comparison to other leading aftershaves on the market, however, shopping online can lead to some serious savings.

Given my final summary of the fragrance at the bottom of the review, I would strongly suggest testing the fragrance on the high street and then if you like it, placing an order online where the prices make it a reasonable purchase.

The bottle to 1881 Pour Homme is actually quite unique in shape and look, with frosted glass and pale looking contents it gives the impression that water has frozen to the sides. This is pretty funky in my view and was the original reason I bought it. Impulse control is not one of my strong points!

This odd shape actually makes the bottle really easy to grip in comparison to aftershaves that simply have smoother shaped bottles. In a nutshell, it looks rather classy from the moment it is removed from the box.


The notes to 1881 Pour Homme are vague and opt to give pretentious marketing blurb instead of just giving a breakdown between the head, heart and base ingredients to enable an informed opinion to be given on how the fragrance should smell over the time it’s worn.

From what I can gather from a little bit of research into the fragrance and the exchange of one or two emails with the makers is that 1881 Pour Homme is unique in the fact that it has few head and heart ingredients.

Before going any further I will explain the differences between head, heart and base. The head note ingredients are usually the first ingredients you will smell in an aftershave or perfume. In light a fruity fragrances these tend to be citrus fruits or plant extracts. The heart notes provide the deeper body to the fragrance and usually consist of tobacco, berry extracts and milder spices while the base notes provide the long lasting fragrance when combined with the head and heart notes.

Cerruti advise me that the ingredient notes are:

  • Head - Rose blossom, lemon and lavender.
  • Heart - Blackberry extract, gingko and clove.
  • Dry down - Sandalwood, musk and saffron.

Taking these notes into account, the aftershave should initially be light and fruity with a fragrance that remains light for a few hours before becoming warmer as the day/night progresses, with the gingko and lavender giving enough body to make it a long lasting and very masculine aroma.

As I write this I can from memory smell this aftershave on my dad and this is how it does smell on him, and I'm sure how it smells on my dad is how Cerruti intended it to be.

If I had to rate it based upon how it smells when my dad wears it I would without hesitation give it 5 stars and a hearty recommendation but my personal experience of the aftershave is completely different. That is not to say I dislike it, I actually find it neither amazing nor repulsive.

A few liberal squirts of the atomiser release enough of the aftershave to keep the fragrance in your nostrils and the nostrils of those you are close to for well over 8 hours at a time making it incredibly long lasting and good value for money in aftershave terms as a bottle is likely to last for a good few months even when used on a daily basis.

First impressions when I spray this are indeed of a very light, almost unnoticeable fragrance, the only ingredients picked up are of the lemon that give it a refreshing citrus zing that lasts for around 30 minutes before it begins to blend with the other notes and alter on my skin.

Over time, the rose and lavender notes become more pronounced with the lemon becoming less obvious. None of the heart notes are actually detectable at any time but after around an hour the fragrance stops being light and settles down to be reasonably heavy as the sandalwood and musk base notes give it much more of a masculine aroma.

My main bugbear is that when others wear 1881 Pour Homme it remains light and airy with the lemon and citrus fragrance being the overwhelming note however when I use it the musk and sandalwood dominate the fragrance making it much heavier than my personal taste deems acceptable.

Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme is an aftershave I can take or leave, it is one of those aftershaves that has a distinctive fragrance that changes dramatically depending upon the wearer.

When my dad wears this it is instantly recognisable and smells wonderful, on a par with some of my favourite aftershaves, but when I wear it I have to admit it smells very mediocre, and doesn't give that air of individuality that comes with more refined fragrances such as Bvlgari Extreme or Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme.

This is the first time I have been unable to give a firm recommendation when reviewing an aftershave and this is because the fragrance can alter so much depending upon the wearer. My experience is that 1881 is inoffensive, pretty decent for daywear around the office but lacking that something that makes it just that little bit special. This is an aftershave you really should try before you buy.


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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ilumi - Irresistible Taste You Can Trust!

When I see and hear the words "Wheat Free this, Gluten Free, Low Carb and Zero Fat" my immediate reaction is to run like the wind.

In my head (a place you really don’t want to be) such claims usually mean ‘taste free’ and ‘bland’.

The market for allergen free foods is growing, you can tell when supermarkets start to dedicate entire sections to pointing out what is Gluten free or Wheat free. Some of this is just a trend, but if you do have an allergy then you really do need to keep an eye on what you are shovelling down your throat.

Personally I’m not allergic to any foods, but boy am I a fussy eater – I have foods I’ll eat and I stick to them. I also have an annoying habit of smelling my food and if it doesn’t float my boat then it doesn’t touch my lips.

Ever tried to snort a lentil?!?

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Tribal Media invited me to a quaint little cafe called Vozars in Brixton to sample a range of foods from Ilumi.

Vozars is London's first Cafe that is fully wheat and gluten free – there is such a thing as a free lunch/dinner!

Most readers, like me, will never have heard of Ilumi, but they are a cooking brand who make gluten, wheat, dairy and nut free products suitable for home cooking.

With home cooking in mind, the Illumi food is sold is pouches which can be quickly heated in the microwave, and can also be heated on a hob if the contents are transferred to a saucepan first or you can heat the pouches by immersing them in boiling water.

As a bloke who’s only allergic reaction is to cooking, seeing a product that can be nuked in the microwave and be ready in two minutes was a blessing.

In all honesty, I expected to either find the food dull, bland or unfilling. I was so very wrong.

Ilumi state:

"At ilumi, our absolute guiding principle is to make food that tastes great for everyone to enjoy. Nut-, gluten- and milk- free shouldn't mean free from taste - and with ilumi, it doesn't".

Having just launched their Asian flavours range we had four dishes to try and as a bonus with each course there was a specially chosen wine (which wasn’t gluten free) which helped oil the wheels of conversation. This was after all my first ever PR event

The first course was Sweet Five Spice and Chilli Pork with some rice and it is described as follows:

The spicy aromatics of this dish come from the Chinese 5 spice, with hints of star aniseed, cinnamon, fennel, cloves and black pepper - these combine with the honey to give a dish that is powerfully fragrant & spicy but subtly sweet.

My first impressions were that the dish was packed with meat that was actually meaty – with ready meals you tend to find (and I’m very experienced in this field) that you get the gristle or poor cuts. The aroma was beautiful and had my tastebuds tingling. The taste test had the wow factor and not only did it have a rich flavour, it was filling. One dish down and I was already impressed.

Added into the taste session was really pleasant conversation with……

The second dish was Beef in Black Been sauce and again as with the first course, it was full of flavour, had different textures and the meat most clearly present. You could taste each individual ingredient and once again there were large chunks of beef that actually tasted of beef rather than cardboard.

The product is described as:

" The unique slightly salty, bitterness of the fermented black beans gives a caramelised note and a depth to this Asian dish much as an ale does to a classic beef stew! The beef is cooked in a sauce made from the black beans, along with chili, garlic, soy, vinegar, and a touch of sugar...a great balance of salt, sweet, sour and heat!"

The third dish was Chicken Laska which is described as:

The wonderfully aromatic ilumi Laksa uses a wonderful coconut base sauce, to which we add our marinated chicken, and many aromatic ingredients including lime leaves, ginger, tamarind, red chilli and turmeric. This dish is truly warming, perfect balanced with a kick of chilli.

Personally I’m not a fan of coconut but I found it to be really subtle, again with large pieces of chicken that blended to produce a lovely creamy texture. The chicken melted in the mouth and with the chilli I was blindsided by heat I just wasn’t expecting. It’s mild and couldn’t ever be considered a ‘hot’ dish.

The final dish was vegetable biriyani – as a meat eater this isn’t something I would naturally choose but it was ridiculously filling. It had a rather stodgy texture but once again was packed with flavour. Described as:

"The biryani dish originates from Persia before making its way to India and establishing itself as an Indian favourite. There are many variations of biryani and our delicious ilumi version adds one more to that long list! This mild aromatic rice dish is full of flavour from spices such as cardamom, cloves, coriander and cumin, and includes lots of fabulous vegetables!"

The experience was something I did enjoy and the Illumi team being on hand to answer all the questions in my mind was incredibly helpful. Not only were they really well briefed and able to field any questions but what came through to me was that there was a very real passion about their products.

Outside of my own world and existence there are people who simply need food that is wheat and gluten free and the fact someone has come up with something that is so simply to use and tasty is amazing. By the time we left I was so full and with a didgy digestive system I expected at least a few twinges overnight. Nothing, there was nothing and this pleased me no end.

Whether you are a fan of Gluten free food or whether you have simply not tried it because like me you judged a book, I cannot recommend Ilumi products enough. You won’t be disappointed.

Thinking that readers may think I’m slightly bias or even more so, in the pocket of the manufacturer I took the free samples into the office for a taste testing session. My team loved the food.

VG, the resident vegetarian tried the biryani. His first impression was that the portion seemed small and before eating said he would go for lunch afterwards – he didn’t. He was stuffed after having a portion to himself.

On Tuesday three, yes three of us had a microwave masterclass – we added rice and used one pouch of the Five Spice Pork that filled us all up. The view of everyone was initially of surprise at the flavours and then that actually, it had satisfied their appetite.

I love the product – they are easy to make, taste fantastic and really do fill you up. I just can’t wait to see how their other products compare once released onto the market and you can read more here.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and then some….
Unit 26 Brixton Village

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