Monday, August 18, 2014

Scaramouche & Fandango 'Hy' Hydrator

I have had the Scaramouche & Fandango 'Hy' Hydrator since just before Fathers Day. It came with two other Scaramouche & Fandango products as part of an amazing £25 male beauty box from Selfridges&Co.

It wasn't until early July that I got around to using this hydrator and putting it through its paces, I had been using the amazing The Bluebeards Revenge (TBR) Cooling Moisturiser and based upon the smooth and fresh face I had at the time it was going to be a stiff challenge, especially as the heat wave hit London.

Now this stuff is not cheap, oh boy no, a 100ml tube will set you back at least £10. Now to me as a tight wad I think that is quite a bit of cash when brands like L'Oreal and TBR are offering something that is basically the same with a made up scientific name on the side for less.

Anyway, what do Scaramouche & Fandango say about 'Hy' (so hip)?



A cell energiser from a unicellular pseudo algae. Clinically proven to help firm and tone the skin to fight against the signs of fatigue.'

Now my face takes a pounding from the filthy London air, I work on one of the most polluted roads in Europe and don't exactly take the best care of myself so my skin reflects this and hence why I cleanse and moisturise on a daily basis.

The moisturiser is white in colour and as soon as it leaves the tube it has a potent aroma. It's very, no extremely clinical and synthetic in smell and it lingers in the air.

When placed on the back of my hand it didn't soak straight in, in fact it just sat there. It has quite a thick consistency so no danger of it running off my hand and down my shirt - nightmare and its happened in the past.

After rubbing it onto my fingertips I gently applied it into my forehead (a notorious spot for me to get dry skin in between what I call my Gordon Ramsey lines) and it spread easily. A peanut sized blob was enough for me to cover my whole face (and I have a big face, huge Herman Munster forehead).

It was absorbed by my skin really quickly and any worries about the smell were gone. It loses its aroma very quickly once it dries into the skin so no danger of it interfering with an aftershave if applying it quite quickly afterwards.

As the heatwave hit about a week after using this I noticed a bit of dry skin on my hairline. I simply applied a little more of Hy and it cleared the next day - result. 

All in all I was really pleased. Through massive temperatures, long stints on London Underground and lots of sweat (nice), my face has remained moisturised and feels soft and smooth. You can't say fairer than that.

I think it's expensive but if you don't mind the cost you have a product here that does the business.

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