Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Burger & Lobster - Soho

I’m a big fan of lobster - I love the stuff and since they removed the lobster tank from our favourite local fish restaurant I have been dying to find somewhere else where I can satisfy my cravings.

The first time I attempted to get into Burger & Lobster in Soho I rocked up on a Friday evening to be told that there was a 2 hour wait - WHAT?!? In the end I had to make do with watching others scoff down lovely looking food while I ended up in Burger King with a bottom lip so low I was in danger of tripping over it.

As a treat from her birthday a few weeks ago I took the other half along in the middle of the day in the hope of finally getting my ass onto a seat, a plastic bib round my neck and lobster in my belly. To Soho we returned and even in the middle of a Monday afternoon the place was packed. We waited 10 minutes before being seated.

The drinks menu was great and the range on offer far exceeds what’s on the food menu, in fact it’s probably about three times the size! I opted for Brooklyn Lager while Rachel went for Aspall Suffolk Cider (so predictable).

There are two essentially options and the clue is in the name of the chain - you can have burger or lobster. Alternatively and only if feeling brave or like a contestant on Man vs. Food you can opt for both. The specials board basically lists weights of lobsters and the price. While we were there you could opt for a 6lb lobster for just over £140. Ouch! 

We both ordered lobster and I was surprised when the full lobster arrived with a healthy portion of fries, a lovely looking salad and a gravy boat full of the richest and creamiest garlic butter. 

Whichever option you order the price is £20 plus your drinks and that is spot on in terms of value for money. As the pictures show, it wasn’t a small lobster and after tearing away and dunking the melt in your mouth meat in the garlic butter I was in heaven. I loved the food.

The fries were crunchy, perfectly salted while the salad was crunchy, had a variety of textures and just the right amount of dressing. After wolfing down the lobster and fries I have to say I was stuffed to the gills and couldn’t finish the salad - for shame!

If you are looking for somewhere different, somewhere that cooks seafood to perfection and a happy relaxed atmosphere then this place is for you. Even the waiting staff were uber polite, attentive and nothing was too much trouble for them even though the place was packed.  

Burger & Lobster have six different restaurants across London and you can visit their website here to find your nearest. 


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