Monday, August 11, 2014

Holiday T-Shirt Wishlist

As my holiday approaches I’ve been trawling around trying to find the perfect t-shirts to take away.

After finding and bookmarking about 30 websites and about £2,000 worth of t-shirts I managed to get around 10-15 new ones to take away and thought what the hell, I might as well show off the ones I didn’t get around to buying as a kind of wishlist post. 

So here they are, the top five I didn’t get around to buying.

It’s Bullseye time again and in true Jim Bowen style…….innnnnnnnnnnnn one:

I really like the tattoo vibe and plain white background. More recently I've moved back towards white and grey t-shirts, probably to mirror my darker and more warped mood.

Innnnnnnnnnn two......

At £26, this is probably one of the cheapest I found when searching around. I love the lettering ans skull and crossbones.

Innnnnnnnnnn three.........

Available from Sinstar Clothing for £30, this one gives something of a motivational speech in the shape of a cross. A bit religious, but would confirm that I'm no saint! 

Innnnnnnnnnn four......

Again from Sinstar, if you had shown me this t-shirt about 6 months ago and said I would like it I would have laughed in your face. My tastes have changed (it must be the pills) so much and I just can't help liking this design.

I'm not keen on the £35 pricetag, but I still say it's worth it.

Innnnnnnnnnn five.....

Available again from Sinstar Clothing at £35 I just really like the snakepit design. It is different, has skulls and is completely different to anything else I currently own.

I hope you like my choices, yes they are a bit dark but that sums me up beautifully lol. 

Here are some of the t-shirts I did manage to pick up, what do you think?

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