Sunday, August 24, 2014

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Confession time, I stink. Yes, I do, today I’m mainly trailing the sweet smell of Polo by Ralph Lauren and will be giving my worldly-wise opinion on it.

Having already established that I’m a big fan of all fragrances by Ralph Lauren I thought today would be an appropriate time to review the first ever Polo fragrance that entered by collection. 

Personally, I picked up my bottles of Polo from a friend who works in duty free, which means a substantial reduction in price for me - circa £15 for a 59ml bottle. In the shops, you can expect to pay pushing £40 for the same bottle. 

The packaging to Polo is styled in a very minimalist way and is a very pale green with a darker green stripe across the front. Although very basic, it looks damn good sat on the counter and even better in the bathroom alongside all of the other bottles in my collection. 

On opening the packaging you are greeted with a lovely Emerald bottle - it looks cool and for some reason I always tend to start humming ‘ten green bottles’. 

The marketing blurb states that Polo has been created to celebrate the tradition of the sporting lifestyle, blended with notes of wood, leather and tobacco to create a lasting, subtle smell that will have an enduring appeal.

Well, the bit you’ve been waiting for! What’s it like?

After shaving I took the glass bottle in hand and then proceeded to struggle with the lid, as my hands were still wet. I dried my hands and had another go. On removing the lid I was presented with a mixed aroma that was heavy, woody and very overpowering. There was a distinct leather smell, which didn’t do much for me at the time!

As the smell was noticeable when just removing the lid I only applied a tiny amount of the aftershave. As soon as it had hit my skin the smell changed quite dramatically. The overpowering heavy smell disappeared and softer woody tones could be smelt. The revolting smell of leather became more and more subdued the longer I wore the aftershave.

Unlike the Polo Sport, Polo does not have a sweet citrus smell and that’s the only reason I do not wear this fragrance when I go out in the evenings. 

It is similar in nature and in some ways smell to Fahrenheit. It will get you noticed in the street, but in a club or bar, this isn’t the aftershave that will have the ladies flocking to sniff your neck! Don’t get me wrong, this aftershave has a distinctive, lovely smell, but it is more for daytime wear and meals with the “in-laws” in my opinion. Not a "pulling" fragrance and for this the aftershave is going to lose points for that!

Would I buy it again?

Yes and I would recommend this aftershave to all who require it. It isn’t too expensive, it has a large bottle, it’s long lasting and the smell is still evident after 10 hours.

My only gripe about Polo is the actual design of the bottle. It does look amazing, but it is a bitch to keep hold of if your hands are wet and I frequently find myself dropping it!

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