Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

I’m not shy about trying new things (within reason) and after being so impressed with the Thalgo Descomen Deep Cleansing Scrub I couldn’t wait to try the cleansing gel.

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage is a gel designed for daily cleansing and I’ve had this for well over a month just itching (not literally) to have a week where I could put it through its paces as I just couldn't tell using it on and off.

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage

Marketed as a detoxifying non aggressive cleansing gel, like the other male products I’ve seen in the range it contains Algae Bleue Vitale - I have no clue what this is and lack the motivation to do any form of research. As long as my face doesn’t melt off when I apply it I’m fairly comfortable not forensically examining the ingredients.

The gel should foam and rid the skin of toxins and excess sebum which they say will leave your face looking clear and clean.

So, here come the actual marketing claims:

  • Energises the skin
  • Combats cellular stress
  • Encourages cell renewal
  • Helps fight the appearance of the 1st visible signs of passing time
  • Glucose Derivatives
  • Gently cleanse even sensitive skin
  • Gentle to the hydro-lipidic film

Now, sit down readers, here comes the price for these fabulous claims. A small 150ml tube of the cleansing gel will set you back £20.…..yes, that’s not a typo, there is a zero after the two. So, firmly in the luxury product category if you ask me, but does it offer results that make it worth the outlay?

The fragrance got a firm thumbs down from my cat, but got a big thumbs up from me. It’s actually very subtle until the gel lathers up. You get hints of Aloe Vera, but not much else. It is very fresh and almost clinically clean.

Once it has been rubbed into the palms with warm water there isn’t a lather explosion that I would expect from a cleansing gel. I was expecting something on a par with the old Imperial Leather Foambursts, but even with vigorous rubbing between my palms it didn‘t become really thick. 

As the lather became richer the Aloe Vera like fragrance was quite strong, but again it gave a firm impression of being a lovely clean smell. Personally I like anything that reminds me of Aloe Vera as these scents don’t interfere with any aftershaves that are applied after and in this regard it gets full marks from me.

Putting my usual skincare regime to one side for a week I wanted to see how the gel removed the daily grime that accumulates on my face. I wasn’t to be disappointed, 

The pale marine blue gel is quite runny in texture as it is released from the tube and turns into a white lather that is really easy to apply across the face and neck. 

The claim of being non-aggressive is spot on - this really is gentle and after washing off my face the usual “eurgh” and look of disgust at the colour of the water in the sink came. Like a true Catholic I managed to summon lots of shame, very quickly.

The results have been fantastic and I’m pleased with how it has left my skin looking and feeling. Immediately after washing my face feels clean, it looks radiant and is incredibly soft to the touch. I had no irritation and after a week of using this without moisturising I had no signs of dry or patchy skin despite working on one of the most polluted roads in Europe.

My face takes a pounding from pollution on a daily basis and Thalgo Gel Nettoyant Detoxifiant Visage is the cure. 

£20 is expensive but you don’t need to use a lot and when you take the exceptional results into account you have to say that as a treat you probably won‘t find anything better, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

As an aside, the first time I applied this I actually said the words “I’ve just used £2 of that” as I was washing. After using for a while I stop looking at cash going down the drain and have embraced the fact that it works wonders for my face.


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