Thursday, April 03, 2014

CK One

One of the first aftershaves to grace my bathroom as a teenager and still a firm favourite in what I consider the budget range of fragrances - CK One by Calvin Klein.

Launched in 1994 (OMG, when I was sweet 16), CK One was the first fragrance to be released onto the market branded for both males and females.

In a blaze of publicity it was in my humble yet honest opinion the fragrance of the 1990's. It was seen as hip, cool and just that little bit different to other fragrances on the market. Since it's launch and it's overwhelming popularity, a series of variations have followed from Mr Klein, the first being the imaginatively titled CK One B.

Normally I buy 50ml bottles to keep just for when I feel a bit nostalgic, but hooray, I managed to pick up a full 100ml bottle for just £5 - online I would add and not from a dodgy bloke selling from a suitcase on Brixton market*.

Normally a fragrance will provide notes that give a breakdown of the contents along with details how the product should smell, however, CK One, sticking to it's minimalist look and feel does not provide such information.

The bottle, tall but reasonably flat is made from frosted glass enabling the fragrance to be seen. The liquid also has a green tinge to it giving off the feel of a light, fresh citrus aroma inside.


Five quick sprays from the bottle results in my nose being attacked (in a pleasant way) by a light, soft aroma that is a mixture of citrus and flowers.

The spray itself is rather refreshing on first application and although it has flowery undertones, it still on occasion fill me with dread that I might smell as though I was wearing a woman's fragrance.

After being applied the smell does change ever so slightly. It does become a touch heavier and the citrus smell withdraws with the flowery undertones becoming more prominent.

With the fragrance still being evident after seven hours it does in my opinion for something so light and fresh make this the Volkswagen of the fragrance world.

It's not going to set the world on fire but it's within the price range of mere mortals and available everywhere!

As only a tiny amount is actually required on application, a 100ml bottle will last a good 6-9 months making this extremely good value for money.

Due to the change in smell, I would recommend this to all females as a cheap fragrance with a lovely clean crisp smell ideal for casual wear and use on a daily basis, but it's one of those fragrances that even after the consideration of my nose seems a little too cheap for special occasions.

Guys, well what can I say? Personally the flowery undertones to the fragrance were too much for me and the light nature of the fragrance would seriously put me off using this for anything but casual wear. It's a bit too girlie for my liking, but not entirely a lost cause.

Calvin Klein produce a number of other fragrances aimed at men and to be honest, they are all far better than CK One. In my opinion, CK One B is much more of a balanced fragrance.


Do you have a favourite unisex fragrance? Why not tell me what your personal favourite is in the comments below?

*Post note/obscure cultural reference

This is for those wondering WTF a reference to the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and the Trotter brothers who sold all manner of dodgy goods.
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