Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fish Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

I’m kind of going through a Fish love-in at the moment so when I was asked if I would like to try Sportfish, their new three in one body wash I jumped at the chance.

While I love the hair care range, with Fishshape Hair and Superfish Fishpaste Hardcore Hold Matt Effect Putty I wasn’t overly keen on their sculpting wax.

I hadn’t known that they had branched out from hair care products, so to receive a 250ml bottle that retails at Boots for £3.99 I couldn’t wait to put it through its paces.

Sportfish, revitalising hair, face and body wash. It sold as:

"Cleanse and revive your entire body post workout with the 3 in 1 Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash.

Developed by cutting edge Fish Hairdressing Salon in Soho, London, this is the ultimate sports bag essential for men who like to play hard, yet look great, with minimum fuss.”

First things first, I had a flashback to my youth and the dawning of the “take two bottles in the shower, not me I take 2 in 1” adverts. It made me giggle slightly but anyway, I digress.

As this claims to be a three in one I’m going to rate the product based upon the effect of:
  • Cleansing and removing body odour;
  • Fragrance;
  • Effect on face;
  • Effect on hair;
  • Value for money.
The cleansing ability of this wash is not to be underestimated - it lathers up brilliantly into a lovely rich foam. It covers easily and not much is required which means that this 250ml bottle will last for a few weeks. In the words of Mr Burns from The Simpsons “Excellent“!

Fish Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

Fish Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

Fish Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

Fish Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

What is surprising with the body wash is that the fragrance is quite subtle. Normally with a body wash for men it tends to be really strong to try and wash/mask the manly body odour we build up generally just being men.

After using the product even after a night crammed into a sweaty bar there are no hints of stink - and that ladies and gentlemen is key here.

As the body wash starts to lather up the fragrance does become more pronounced. It has top notes of coconut but actually then becomes slightly chemical - it doesn’t feel organic so to speak. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t fantastic. However, in terms of something for the bag I’d say its completely inoffensive.

Using this on my face I found that it really did leave my face feeling smooth and fresh. The only drawback was that prolonged use did see my forehead starting to dry out more. I combated this by reverting to a double dose of my L’Oreal Men Expert moisturiser.

I don’t know about sports bag essential for me, I’ve broken out into a sweat thinking about reaching for my tea but it certainly is a very nice product that would suit someone on the go - the bottle is compact, a little goes a long way, it has good results in the three key areas it claims to and does smell that bad.

In my books that means that it’s recommended, however if you have a certain need such as dry skin and are looking for something to moisturise your skin I would say you would need any additional product to go with this.

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