Saturday, April 05, 2014

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren was always a favourite of mine in my younger days, and so was Polo (the Green version) but as I got older they slipped into the take or leave it category.

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren however along with the lovely Polo Black are firm favourites. At the time of first stumbling across it I didn’t even know they had released the product - it’s entire existence was news to me so when it came highly recommended my interest was pricked.

The recommendation at the time was that Polo Blue was a fragrance that would turn the wearer into ‘a pulling magnet’, is a 'fit man smell' and in effect Viagra for women.

After reading the online notes and taking into consideration the recommendation, I parted with £30 for a 40ml bottle of the Eau de Toilette (EDT).

The bottle comes packaged in a rather understated stylish royal blue coloured box. As this is an aftershave in the Polo range the Ralph Lauren Polo Player is emblazoned on the front in silver above the word POLO.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

The royal blue looks cool on the shelf next to the other bottles in the Polo range.

Polo Blue mixes a blend of Melon de Cavaillan, Basil Verbena and washed suede. 

It’s marketed as a fragrance that will set you free with images of blue skies and a feel of fresh flowing water.

Three sprays of Polo Blue left my bathroom awash with a very strange strong aroma. 

It was a very strong fresh smell that was light on the nose. 

Hints of melon and cucumber became evident immediately. Within moments it seemed that the fragrance had totally disappeared and I couldn’t smell anything on me. 

From nearly overpowering it had vanished……..panic!

As I left the bathroom it was pointed out to me that a smelt different - it hadn’t worn off in minutes. Result.

In the interests of research I sprayed the back of my hand and then went about my daily routine. 

Again the smell on my hand seemed to disappear, but on closer sniffing my nostrils were filled with a light citrus smell, lemon and lavender. All of which blend beautifully.

Over an hour and the smell became a little heavier making it more noticeable to me, but the actual citrus aroma remained unchanged.

I wore this from 10 in the morning until 10 at night and the smell remained the same after that first hour. 

Polo Blue has amazing staying power and yes, I have fallen in love with it. 

So, I liked it, but did anyone else? Yes, I wear it regularly to work and have received several compliments from male and female staff alike. 

When I mentioned that it was Polo Blue I was hit with a standard response of “Ralph Lauren don’t do a Blue one do they?”

Three sprays of the atomiser made me smell lovely all day, and from a 40ml bottle I can see this lasting for well over 6 months at a time. Excellent value for money.

Polo Blue is an aftershave for all occasions be it work, a night in or a night out on the tiles. This is a fragrance to suit all, it’s wonderful and I’m extremely glad I was introduced to it. 

This fragrance is in the fresh vibrant category of aftershaves along with Joop and Acqua Di Gio.

Launched in 2003 Ralph Lauren Polo Blue wasn’t hyped nearly as much as it deserved. This is an amazing aftershave. It smells gorgeous, will last all day and all night and it will get you noticed by the opposite sex for all the right reasons. 

Single men, you will pull wearing this aftershave, you cannot fail……

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