Sunday, April 20, 2014

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak

I had heard of the brand Molton Brown but had never laid my hands on any of their products - that is until I had the chance of a nice relaxing soak in the bath using their Seamoss Stress-Relieving Hydrosoak.

As an early random intermission, every time I see or hear of their products I start to hum Golden Brown by The Stranglers - I have no idea why, it’s probably some sort of misfiring in my brain.

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak

If you asked the people who know me they would readily admit I’m a bit of a ball of stress at times (OK, most of the time), so anything that can lower my blood pressure and make me chill out is to be applauded, if it works.

300 grams of the Dead Sea salts is actually quite reasonably priced considering that in the back of my mind I’d always thought this was quite an expensive range. You can expect to pay just shy of £20 which in the great scheme of things is four or five beers on a Friday night.

Now follows a marketing blurb intermission….Molton Brown claims are:

Transform your bath into a marine hydrotherapy experience. Lie back and let the Dead Sea salts, red and brown seaweeds and horse chestnut extracts help flush toxins from your body and replenish your skin. Feel your muscles relax and your body de-stress while you are deeply refreshed.

Dead Sea salts provide a concentrated source of essential minerals and vitamins. Through osmotic absorption they can help to keep the skin healthy and ease dryness.

After getting the bath running in true bloke style I followed the instructions and added 2 capfuls of the salts….and then added a further liberal sprinkling for good measure - sorted. 

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak

Molton Brown Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak

The green salts hit the hot water and almost immediately dissolve as the lovely warm marine scent wafts across the bathroom. The solid salts have a seaside feel when you give them a sniff - you can pick out the sea salt and hints of the seaweed. Once in water though there are two things:

  • The water goes a lovely aquamarine colour which looks pretty cool in my opinion (yes, I am easily impressed);
  • The fragrance loses some of the harshness of the sea salts and the warm seaweed smells delightful.

So after slipping into the bath and attempting to chill out the acid test is where the claims are true or not. The fragrance is very relaxing, it’s subtle and not too overpowering and after a while I just couldn’t smell it anymore. I was too chilled to care to be honest.

After 15 minutes of soaking I did feel so calm I could have easily fallen asleep, after 30 minutes I had actually fallen asleep. Result. I struggle to sleep so anything that knocks me out is to be applauded.

After waking I was literally dazzled by how soft and smooth my skin had become. It was fantastic.

After using this for a few weeks I still have about half a canister full and that’s after bathing every night with it, representing excellent value for money in my opinion.

The dryness that I find around my elbows and hands has cleared us and my skin is so much softer to the touch. Combine this with the fact that it has me so relaxed I’m borderline drooling then there is little left to add other than I recommend this to anyone looking for some bath salts to try. Since my teenage years I’ve been firmly attached to Calvin Klein Eternity bath salts but ladies and gentlemen, I have a new favourite.

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