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Mandara Spa - Tropical Blooms Softening Bath Milk

If you were to believe the musings of some a long soak in the bath is a cure for all of ills day to day life can throw at you.  I’m still yet to be convinced, but when it comes to chilling out in the bath I can’t help but add stuff.

Times have changed slightly from when you had a choice of Radox baths salts or nothing. It would now be virtually impossible to try and rattle off a list of all of the bath products out there that claim to do everything from ease your pain to invigorate your soul. 

Mandara Spa Softening bath milk with jasmine and ylang ylang is one of the new breed of cures for all known ills. But does it actually have any benefits?

Marketed as part of the calming ritual, the bath milk comes in a flash bright red 500ml container emblazoned with gold lettering. 

The blurb *rolls eyes* says…..

“From its beginnings on the spiritual island of Bali, Mandara Spa is known worldwide for luxurious spa experiences in beautiful exotic locations and indulgent city spas across the four corners of the globe.

“Our spa products have been specially created to bring the Mandara Spa experience into your own home.

“You will feel radiant, pampered and perhaps touched by a little of the legendary magic that has become the ethos of a Mandara Spa.

“Escape your world and indulge in ours.

*rolls eyes some more* - legendary magic….hmmmm OK. Well it was on offer for £2 when it was bought. Seems quite cheap to be ‘touched’ by magic. It normally retails at £9. 

As a bath milk I expected it to cloud the water - this didn’t happen. While milky in texture and colour as soon as it’s run under hot water is disperses brilliantly and there is a fragrance explosion much more noticeable than a bath bomb.

With sunflower oil, soothing hibiscus flower milk, smoothing sweet almond oil, fragrant jasmine, ylang ylang and acanthus, this is a strongly scented bath milk.
The Jasmine is the overriding fragrance but you really can pick out undertones of the ylang ylang. 

Mandara Spa - Tropical Blooms Softening Bath Milk

Mandara Spa - Tropical Blooms Softening Bath Milk 
Mandara Spa - Tropical Blooms Softening Bath Milk

Mandara Spa - Tropical Blooms Softening Bath Milk

As the bath ran I could see an oily film to the surface of the water. I’ve only ever seen this once before and that was after stupidly believing that baby oil added to the bath enhanced a tan.

A 30 minute soak in the bath and the fragrances had been absorbed into my skin. What I found quite odd was that while in the bath my skin certainly didn’t feel any softer, or indeed any smoother. Normally my bath products have an instant impact - this didn’t. 

Despite this, the fragrance remained quite dominant and it was really relaxing to be in the bath.

After drying and getting changed I could still notice the fragrance on my skin - the jasmine was incredibly subtle though and certainly wouldn’t blend badly with an aftershave.

An hour after bathing the fragrance was still on my skin but what I found incredible was as the night progressed my skin was noticeably softer to the touch and felt so smooth I was actually really impressed. I also found myself becoming more and more relaxed.

At £9 for a 500ml bottle this in my opinion isn’t cheap but actually on balance given the results, the relaxing effect and lovely fragrance I can’t help but recommend it. 

Weighing up the amount used to create the effects I’ve experienced a 500ml bottle will probably last for a few months given the infrequency of my bathing.

Did the bath milk and bath cure all known ills? No, of course it didn’t but boy I do feel chilled out.


Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my thoughts. 

What do you put in your bath?

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