Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him #6 - Hugo Boss Wallet

Today’s post is a gift idea based upon one that I have received in the past - that’s right, a wallet. Boring but functional. So today you are to be treated to why anyone should splash out £75 on something that should be used to contain the notes just splashed on the purchase of a Hugo Boss Orange Wallet.

I’ll confess straight away to being a bit of a wallet snob - it still makes me cringe when I see grown men remove oily ten pound notes at a bar from a fluorescent wallet they bought on holiday circa 1983 - the ones with the Velcro… know the ones…..

As mentioned being a wallet snob meant that I had a very nice Mont Blanc leather wallet for five to six years until it started to look a bit beaten, the thread was worn and the compartments for my cards started to split. I was happy to carry on using it but Beautyqueenuk (also known as the ball and chain - wife) had other ideas.

On unwrapping the Hugo Boss wallet to be greeted with an orange box emblazoned with Hugo Boss branding left me intrigued. I kind of hoped it was a watch but realised from the weight that it wasn’t. That said, I did beam from ear to ear when I opened the box to be presented with quite possibly the biggest wallet I had ever seen.

Made from faux leather my version of the wallet has 8 card slots - the updated version has four card slots with a little pouch for loose change. Mine doesn’t have this, but in all honesty I wouldn’t use it even if it did.

With two compartments for notes - one for notes, the other for receipts. It is spacious, can carry a large amount of notes - I’ve had 35 twenty pound notes in their before it struggled to close.

Overall, this wallet looks the part, is really well made (there are no signs of fatigue in the faux leather or seams) and does the job. The card slots haven’t worn or split so far and despite taking a battering on a daily basis as I swipe my Oyster card (it’s a swipe card to ride public transport in London that you top up with credit) to get out and about.

Yes, this is expensive for a wallet, but as a main present for the man that usually has everything it is a winner. 

Hugo Boss have lots of wallets available (some at eye watering prices) here, but you can buy the wallet pictured from Northern Threads here for £75. 


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