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Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub

I have been so impressed with the contents of my Limited Edition Birchbox for Men that there are a few products that have taken a pounding since it arrived just over ten days ago. The Richer Poorer socks were by far the best I’ve ever had on my feet, but the wow factor has been reserved for Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub.

A 150ml tube of the face scrub adorned my Birchbox, and once again, to my shame it was a brand I hadn’t had the chance to try……until now.

I have to say, that at £15 for a 150ml tube it sits well and truly above the prices I usually pay for a face scrub. Casting my mind back I think I was slightly stunned by the £8 cost of the Ted Baker Grooming Room equivalent. At nearly double the price this has to do something special to warrant any value for money brownie points.

Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub

This is what the Birchbox website has to say about the face scrub:

‘Get that flawless ‘I woke up like this’ complexion thanks to this gentle yet effective face scrub from Mazorin. Specifically designed with men’s needs in mind it lifts away impurities with a blend of bamboo and maracuia powder while white willow extract keeps grime at bay thanks to its antibacterial protection for a crystal clear complexion.’

The Mazorin site goes into a little bit more details as to what the ingredients will do:

‘For flawless skin, free of blemish and impurities:

The Bamboo & Maracuja powder exfoliates dead skin cell and unclogs pores;
The active ingredients help prevent blackheads and ingrown hair;
The gentle formulation leaves your skin hydrated and deeply cleansed;
Suitable for all skin types but fantastic for people with sensitive skin.’

The first time I used this I completely forgot to shake it and I ended up giving the tube a confused look as a watery liquid drained out over my palm. Yes, I can be that simple at times and yes, it took me a few minutes to figure out that I needed to shake the contents.

Second time lucky and after rinsing my face off in the shower I squeezed out a pea sized amount and started to massage it into my face. After shaking the texture was firm and the micro-beads from the bamboo are visible to the eye and really noticeable to the touch. Just rubbing between your fingertips will leave a strange sensation, you can feel it exfoliating and getting warmer. For me I found just how gentle the ingredients and texture were when applying to my face really pleasant.

Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub

Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub

A breeze to rinse off the results are almost instantaneous and even before drying I could tell that my pores had been opened and my face cleansed really well. My face wasn’t as tight and it had a healthy glow, something of a rare occurrence for me. After drying my face off and before moisturising my face received the prod test - the skin was soft and smooth.

As a bonus, since I started using this I’ve found that shaving is easier - less ingrown hairs and my stubble does seem softer. Result!

Finally, throw in the fact that this smells so fresh and clean, it reminds me of Nivea Cream and you have a winner on your hands! 

Despite the price I am delighted with the Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub. It is going to last for an absolute age as only a tiny amount is needed, even for a face as large as mine. After using this on my face and being impressed with how gentle it was I used it on my very recent tattoo to clear off the dead skin and ink. Once again, results were impressive. 

With no parabens you should take the time to look more closely at Mazorin Wash Trade Face Scrub. 


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  1. Fantastic review, my husband loves Mazorin and fully recommends you try the Pre-Meeting Face Revamp. It comes in little sachets and basically gives you a fresh, healthy overall look it's amazing.

    Hugs Michelle ||

    1. Thanks for the tip Michelle, I will give it a try. Stephen :o)

  2. great they did a box for men it is so needed, This looks like a great product may get it for my boy x

  3. Lovely review.. :)

  4. scrub it scrub it!!! I love these treats for sunday evenings! sounds like a good product!

  5. How did I not know Birchbox brought out a limited edition box for men?! That would have made some great stocking fillers for Christmas. The Scrub sounds great...I love being introduced to new brands from beauty boxes

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  6. I love reading your blog because I always end up with things I want to get my dad in to using. xxx

  7. I so love face scrubs! I love how it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth after.

  8. Sounds like a great scrub, but I'm not sure if I could get my hubby to use it though.

    Pink Frenzy

  9. I've not heard of this brand before but this sounds like a lovely scrub! Birchbox is so good for discovering new products :)

    Jess xo

  10. Looks like a good scrub not sure my partner would use it though.


  11. Well this looks like something I should get for my boyfriend!

  12. I love that they are now doing a box for men. I love it when there are those few samples that I can't get enough of! Makes beauty boxes worth while!


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