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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him #5 - Ted Baker On Course Ted Messenger Bag

If I said you could splash out £35 and end up with not only a Ted Baker branded messenger bag that looks the part, but also have the bag empty to unveil a whole host of Ted Baker Tour de Ted products you would probably phone for the men in white coats.

Ted Baker is not a brand I associate normally with ridiculously affordable prices, I put them into the ‘treat’ or ‘luxury’ category but I have to admit I was personally blown away by my gift set. 

I’ve been using the same man bag purchased from Camden Lock Market in the week before I started to work in Camden and quite fitting that it got replaced five years later in the week that I left. To be honest, my bag needed changing, over the years it had warped and was more twisted than a corkscrew.

The messenger bag is really well made and racing green in colour I would say (but don’t trust me, I’m colour blind - check out the pictures). In terms of size, it is perfect and can fit a decent sized laptop, iPad and papers without it bulging or having so much weight in it the shoulder strap cuts through your shoulder. Internally there are a few pockets for chargers, pens etc and that’s about it. It’s a bag, for blokes, we don’t really need anything else.

The internal fabric design

Personally I would have expected to pay over £35 for a Ted Baker bag, so when I opened it to be greeted with the products below I grinned from ear to ear. While not a fan of body sprays I have to say that I like the ones in this bag, they are fresh and provide a level of assured confidence that you would need after a trip to the gym.

So what do you get?

  • Ted Baker Orange Body Spray (150ml)
  • Ted Baker Orange Hair and Body Wash (200ml)
  • Ted Baker Green Body Spray (150ml)
  • Ted Baker Green Hair and Body Wash (200ml)
  • Wrapped Soap (140g)

The body washes lather up brilliantly and are good at getting off the grime and leaving skin smelling wonderful. The green version is much fresher, while the orange I find a little too synthetic. That aside, it does the job and washes and you can’t grumble at that. For me, my favourite is the wrapped soap - it has been so long since I've used soap it was like a little blast from the past and the fragrance had me reminiscing while staring off into the distance. 

What I found really surprising is that the hair and body wash didn't leave my hair feeling like straw. This is very common for me when using body washes that are allegedly also OK for washing your hair. With the Tour de Ted my hair was left feeling soft, smooth and shiny. 

This would make a great gift this Christmas - or you could break it down into several gifts for the men in your life. Available from Boots online here for £35 you can do a lot worse than this if struggling for gift ideas this Christmas.


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  1. I admit it is such a fab bag and much roomier than it looks x

  2. wow a ted baker bag plus extras or £35... this is such a good find. It looks great too. :-)

  3. I LOVE Ted Baker items. Their purses are beautiful. I have never really looked at their mens range before though. This messenger bag looks like the perfect gift :)

  4. Great review and I absolutely agree you would expect it to be much more expensive. x

  5. That's amazing value! Love Ted Baker bags! :)

  6. The Ted Baker bag looks so good! Perfect for business or students alike <3 xx

  7. I have been so obsessed with Ted Baker recently! This bag looks fab, plus you have the added bonus of a selection of their body products! You would think a product like this would be triple the price - totally tempted to pick this up as a Christmas present!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  8. The bag is great thanks for the idea, my brother would love it.

  9. We love Ted Baker in our house. I have a ted baker bag and two purses
    and my husband loves their shirts. This is an excellent buy I must admit!

  10. My husband uses a message every day and is starting to rival my collection of Kipling bags in the number he has! A very smart bag with lots of goodies inside for a good price.

  11. I think Ted Baker do some really lovely Men's pieces! I really like this messenger bag! Great post!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  12. My hubby is rather keen on Ted Baker stuff. May have to treat him

  13. Men are so hard to buy for and my husband is very picky when it comes to mens toiletries

  14. This is actually a great deal. I need one of these bags for my brother in law. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. The XMas gift from Starbucks is great, but we have no in our town :(
    Nice day

  16. Thanks for reading and commenting Tanja. They were available from Boots online but they seem have dropped off the website today. Stephen :o)

  17. My husband's not really into man bags but I know he'd love the Starbucks coffee set, he loves coffee!

  18. Hubby really needs a new "man bag" and this looks perfect

  19. I what an excellent man bag ! I think my husband would like this

  20. Cool bag, like the look of it! Always handy to have a man-bag.


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