Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him #4 - Intense He Wood by DSquared2

Fourth in the Christmas Gift Ideas for Him series is an aftershave that has been in my collection since September - Intense He Wood  by DSquared2. How I am managing to restrain myself with a product that looks on the bottle to be called Intense Wood I have no idea. It’s licence for double entendres - I‘ll behave though.

A 50ml bottle of Intense He Wood will set you back £50 from the DSquared2 website here.

But at £50 for a 50ml bottle is it any good? Well yes, it’s actually one of my own personal favourites for a few reasons, namely - it’s a strong, delightful fragrance with a range of top notch notes to blend into a deep, warm masculine fragrance. It also lasts for well over ten hours and I am yet to find someone who hasn’t smelt this on me and said “wow, what is that nice aftershave?!?”

You can actually buy this a little cheaper from the Debenhams website here, and this is what they say about the aftershave:

‘The celebration of a perfume that marked the era in the modern olfactory landscape. WOOD. He WOOD. Made in the element of communication, attraction, design... Strong and determined character. Unique in uniting the ideal of sensuality to the concept of wood. An extraordinary fragrance, timeless, unique, inimitable, today rediscovers its original version in a strong, viril and sensual reminiscence of the genuine sentiment of the Caten twins for their homeland, Canada. The deep love for the natural element that characterised this land: wood. Intense He Wood DSquared2 is born.’

The bottle is actually made from Canadian Red Alder and really reinforces that earthy vibe about the aftershave. It actually drew my eye from across the shop when I first tried this and I was hooked after just one whiff.

Just a few sprays from the atomiser fills the room with a rich and deep spice with hints of violet that dries down to a warm, rugged and woody base that reminds me of walking through a pine forest. It is do warm yet remains fresh. Before hitting the final settled base notes that rank this as one of the most masculine fragrances I own.

I’m not a fan of this kind of thing usually, but it is the perfect fragrance for the dark days of winter. The sandalwood, cedar wood and veviter blend to form a base that lasts, and lasts and then lasts some more. I can apply three sprays from the atomiser first thing in the morning and it will still be noticeable by those around me at bedtime some 16-18 hours later. You can’t argue with that kind of longevity.

£50 may seem like a lot of money but in the value for money stakes this is actually a good deal. A little goes a long way and I am yet to find anyone, either male or female who doesn’t like it.

Perfect for every occasion, if you buy this as a gift you will be noted down in the recipients good books.  


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