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Osmo Grooming Gift Pack 2014

Like Structure Paste Flexible Adhesive I have no recollection where the Osmo Grooming Gift Pack 2014 came from (until I was reminded it was posted to me months ago - sorry @lauzzenger), it seemed to just appear one day, was placed into the bathroom where it sat until I couldn’t find my usual hair styling product as I rushed out of the door (probably late for something or another).

Osmo Grooming Gift Pack

Osmo Grooming Gift Pack

Having spent my 20s using solely Wella products the last year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for my hair, and it has been spoilt (look out for my 2014 top five hair styling products coming soon) in the most part with some excellent gels, pastes, creams but it has also been battered by some dross. 

Bearing the above in mind and having never, ever heard of Osmo I expected the latter, dross, especially as the gift set included a large tube of clay, my hairs natural enemy.

So what do you get in the grooming gift set? Well, for £14.95 (available from the Feel Unique website here) you get:

- Osmo Matte Clay Extreme 100ml

Osmo Matte Clay Extreme

Osmo Matte Clay Extreme

A clay that claims to provide extreme hold using a texture wax for natural expression. With a matte finish it should take only a small amount to style and shape styles.

- Osmo Shaper Maker 100ml

Osmo Shaper Maker

Osmo Shaper Maker

A versatile cream shaper, for moulding, styling, texturising whilst adding shine and control.

- Osmo Effects Detoxify 250ml

Osmo Effects Detoxify

Osmo Effects Detoxify

A deep clarifying cleanser designed to effectively strip away the build up of other products on your hair removing impurities whilst retaining the hair's natural moisture which should in theory mean heavy and shiny finish.

On the Osmo website here they talk the gift set us as:

‘One For The Boys!

‘A slick, stylish and seriously cool range designed to deliver the ultimate in originality, texture and look definition.


All you smooth, slick operators who crave staying power!’

Well, all of the products smell amazing - the clay and cream give off a very fragrant fresh fruity aroma - a blend of watermelon and apple while the shampoo has a blend of eucalyptus and tea tree which is really refreshing and cleansing.

The shampoo, while lathering up well, this comes from chemical agents that have been added.

As I said earlier, I first used the Osmo Shaper Maker in a rush, but the cream was really easy to scoop out, spread through my hair and style my usual spiky look. Boom, done, but the residue on my hands was sticky and needed me to abort quick exit to wash my hands properly. The hold was magnificent - it kept my spikes up for well over ten hours before it started to lag a bit. Bearing in mind that this has an Osmo Hold Factor that is mid range. 

There were no flakes on my clothes and the residue in the morning was minimal. In terms of finish to my hair it did look shiny, like I had applied a gel in fact. Top marks for me on this one.

Finally, with a bit of time to test and style my hair using the clay. I’m not a fan of clay, I actively hate it. I’ve never found one that is easy to apply and style with. I have now. The clay becomes really pliable really quickly when rubbed between the palms. Only a tiny amount the size of a fingertip is needed and applying to hair is simple.

With such a tiny amount I expected little hold but it styled into a fantastic matte look that held again for in excess of sixteen hours. My style actual held as I slept and was ready to go again in the morning. It has the top Osmo Hold Factor and boy, it holds.

Each product has the potential to last for ages as very little is needed to wash or style with which means this isn’t a set that will be in with the empties within a month. I would expect the hair products to last for months on end, even if used on a daily basis.

Taking the £14.95 price tag into consideration this gift set represents excellent value for money and would make a great gift. I’m not a fan of the shampoo, but for the hairstyling products alone and the hold they achieve I would recommend this either as a gift or for someone looking to try a different solution to their hair styling issues.


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