Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SuperFish Stiffish Cream by Fish Soho

Do you ever use something for so long that its just there and becomes part of your routine? For me, SuperFish Stiffish Cream by Fish Soho is currently that product, and one that I have used for months without ever thinking about writing about it. In fact, it wasn’t until I wrote up my thoughts on GO24-7 Texture Paste that I realised I hadn’t imparted with my wisdom.

So here it is….

SuperFish Stiffish Cream by Fish Soho

Any regular readers will know that I’ve tried out a few Fish Soho products since I started up the blog and while these little beauties find their way into my collection thanks to their lovely PR people. This doesn’t mean they get gushing reviews of how much I love their products, in fact looking back I have to say it’s probably been 50/50 when trying out their hair and body products. 

SuperFish Stiffish Cream probably falls into the gushing category as to be frank I love it, the fragrance, the texture, the ease of application and most of all, the hold that it offers to varying lengths of hair.

SuperFish Stiffish Cream by Fish Soho

The cream itself is white in colour and has a fresh clean smell to it. You can rub your fingertips through the pot and in an instant have enough of the cream to style. Rather than being a but tough like wax, paste or clay the cream is really pliable between the fingertips which mean that when it comes to applying it the chances of breaking into a sweat are as likely as Gary Barlow from Take That winning Taxpayer of the Year 2014. 

SuperFish Stiffish Cream by Fish Soho

When my hair is around an inch in length I like to apply the cream to dry hair - it means that as it dries it leaves my hair with a matte finish but with hints of a shine as my spikes stay rigidly in place for well over 10 hours. As the length increases personally I switch to applying it just after stepping out of the shower. As my longer hair is slightly damp it spreads the cream more evenly from root to tip.

There is no need to blow dry a style either which cuts down on much needed time when getting ready to go to work or go out in an evening. This dries really quickly and while you are waiting there is zero risk of the style falling out (unless you go and stand in a wind tunnel) - as soon as it is applied each strand of hair takes on the consistency and pliability of a pipe cleaner. A joy to style with and it’s rare that I say that.

Once dried the dreaded white flakes are nowhere to be seen so no need to be self-conscious which I find a bonus.

Fish Soho haircare products are reasonably priced for what you get - I’ve been using a 100ml tub for months now and it has probably another month of daily use left in it. 

If you are looking for a hair styling product that is good value for money, a breeze to style with and has exceptional hold then you can do a lot worse than Superfish Stiffish Cream.

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