Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport

My love affair with Ralph Lauren Polo Sport started in my late teens when living with a cousin. Her boyfriend was something of a designer label freak, even down to the type of bath salts he used. For all his faults he had one thing going for him, no not my cousin, he introduced me to Polo Sport and actually bought me my first bottle - legend.

Polo Sport comes packaged in a lovely white box with the Ralph Lauren logo on and a mock American flag. Instead of stars on the flag however there are the initials RL (not an ego-maniac much are we Mr Lauren?!?) 


Although minimalist in appearance I like the way it stands out in it's plain packaging.

On opening the box you are greeted with the usual notes of the aftershave. A lovely, solid blue bottle topped off with a metal screw top lid. It looks stylish and wouldn't look out of place in any bathroom cabinet.

Unlike most aftershaves I use, the Polo Sport I have isn't the spray version and the aftershave has to be poured out and then applied. 

In the past I’ve always found this a rather tricky process when late for work or hungover in the morning and invariably I always applied far too much. I’m tempted to have a bit of a reminisce about the good old alcohol fuelled days but alas they are behind me.

As soon as the lid is unscrewed the scent is immediately noticeable. It's a very strong and at times (depending on distance from hand to nose) overpowering smell. Whilst overpowering this isn't a bad thing. 

To summarise my initial thoughts I would have to say fresh - that’s fresh and not the hip and street version - Phresh.

The notes to Polo Sport state that this aftershave has a clean and invigorating scent that energises the skin with natural citrus extracts, soothing agents and protective emollients.

After shaving and applying this product burns. Jesus yes it burns so massive tick in the rammed with alcohol box, but in it's defence it isn't as painful as other aftershaves I've used, in fact the burning tends to subside after a few seconds. 

Once one the skin and after the mild cursing has subsided the aroma of citrus extract are a little over the top, but with time this aftershave becomes very much softer on the nostrils and instead of being a touch overpowering it takes on a sweet and refreshing smell that is noticeable for well over 12 hours at a time. As the citrus smell fades a woody undertone was detected, in fact, after three to four hours the citrus is completely gone and it is a sweet blend between fruit and wood that is a fusion made in heaven. 

As the fragrance is after time far more subtle, softer and much sweeter I find this draws attention from males and females alike, and this leads me to categorise this aftershave as a pulling fragrance.

I wouldn't say it invigorates my skin and it certainly doesn't energise it in any way, but it does smell delicious. This is perfect for day or evening wear.

Polo Sport can be purchased from all good retailers represents excellent value for money at under £30 for a bottle. A little goes a long way and to be honest you won’t be disappointed. 


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