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Wild by DSquared2

I never thought it possible but after receiving a bottle of Wild by DSquared2 I’m starting to believe that it is possible to completely fuse fashion and fragrance. But before I go all aftershave serious in my usual manner, a light interlude….

My wife said to me the other night, “why does your skin always look so glowing and radiant when I look at it?”, I replied deadpan “it’s the drugs I slip into your tea”, boom, boom! No, she wasn’t amused either.

DSquared2 is not a brand I have been familiar with over a period of time, indeed I only first heard of them in August of this year as I stood in a perfume shop on holiday in Mallorca. “try me, you’ll like me” - no it wasn’t the shop assistant, it was coming from a strange, weird looking bottle of aftershave. It was Intense Wood by DSquared2.

After trying Intense Wood (of which I will write when I can compose my thoughts) I had to try more. Instead of testers I was sent whole bottles of not just Intense Wood, but also Wild, their new fragrance released on 1 October. Ear to ear smile for days, only improved upon once I got my nostrils around this baby.

Firstly, I thought I had seen it all with a wooden box for aftershave but taking Wild out of the box made me think WTF - the bottle comes in a leather harness. Now at first it seemed strange but actually when it comes to functionality it is simply superb and there is little danger of slippage as the straps allow for an amazing grip.

Wild by DSquared2

Wild by DSquared2

Wild by DSquared2

This is what they say about the release of Wild over at the DSquared2 website:

‘Wild is an evolution of Dsquared2’s olfactory journey inspired by and founded in the elements of nature. 

Building on a pathway forged by debut scent He Wood and follow up Potion, Wild is a new fragrance chapter for Dsquared2 that explores man’s desires and his connection to the natural and urban world that surrounds him. This enigmatic and covetable concept is also at the heart of Dsquared2’s DNA: the freedom for a man to express his sensuality and his deepest desires. Wild materializes Dsquared2’s passion for the avant-garde and unorthodox approach to fashion.

Contemporary and self-sufficient, this man works and plays within the paradigms of modern life and urban society. Yet his daily existence is attuned to a faintly audible thrum of rebellion that comes from deep within. Driving him to seek his own liberty, he is drawn to its magnetic pull, taking him to a place where, finally, he is free.’

The notes to Wild include, Santolina, St. John’s wort, resin accord, cypress, neo-labdanum, opoponax, vegetable amber and humus accord.

Exactly, means nothing to me either, but this is what I can detect when I liberally apply with four to five squirts of the atomiser.

You can immediately detect the earthy tones of the Santolina - it has a fresh herb fragrance that warms on contact with the skin. Within seconds of applying it changes to become warm and spicy, you can really start to pull out the warmth of the resin accord and amber blending with the cypress adding a woody edge.

To say it seems strong is an understatement - it is really powerful, so much so that three squirts are actually all that is needed. After around five minutes the strength of the aftershave seems to subside significantly and while I can detect the warmth in my nostrils I can’t actually smell this on me. Before looking at the notes I wrongly assumed that this contained either pepper or tobacco to give it that warmth.

This lasts on the skin and is still noticeable a good 14 hours after applying and you can’t grumble at that.

Wild was put through the office smell test - the ladies loved and were equally puzzled when I said what is was. They were hooked though. 

At £59 for a 100ml bottle this delivers its bang for its buck - only a little is needed to leave a lingering earthy and masculine fragrance that lasts throughout the day and well into the evening. Perfect for every occasion you will not, I repeat, simply will not go wrong with a bottle of Wild by DSquared2. The notes are subtle yet blend beautifully to hit every last memory in your mind.

Like me in the perfume shop in Mallorca, if you try this I promise you’ll be strangely drawn back to it time and time again. 

A fantastic addition to the market and a stunning and fashionable fragrance for the autumn and winter months.


Currently only available exclusively at Harvey Nichols, you will be able to find this readily available in stores across the country from March of next year. Go on, treat yourself.

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