Sunday, October 26, 2014

GO24-7 Texture Paste

For the last couple of months I've been wading my way through various hair styling products from Fish Soho completely forgetting that I received a 2oz tub of the GO 24-7 Texture Paste as part of the Selfridges&Co Male Beauty Box in June.

As my Fish products started to run dry just over a week ago I decided to give my hair a few days rest before starting to test this one. GO 24-7 is not a brand I'm loyal to, in fact I've never bought anything from them before. 

While the 2oz tub costs $15.95 on the GO 24-7 website what initially struck me was the fact that this sells for around the same price as my current favourite from Fish Soho - Stiffish.

The fragrance actually oozes floral tones, so much so that in an instant childhood flashback it reminded me of the smell of Shake 'n' Vac powder that my mum used to use before vacuuming around the house. It hits the nostrils with an artificial punch that while not offensive is nothing to write home about.

Personally I like to apply hair styling paste to damp hair as I find it much easier to style. In the interests of research I actually tried applying to damp and dry hair, the results of which were massively different. 

Once I had zoned back in after my childhood flashback I removed the plastic cover that protects the paste and rubbed my fingertips over the pale contents of the tub. It certainly doesn't have the texture of a paste, in fact it's more of a wax/paste hybrid. It's solid, but seems to become more pliable the warmer it gets. Without warming it slightly with your fingertips you will struggle to get enough out of the tub to do any styling at all.

When applying to damp hair it is a breeze to style and it dries fairly quickly into a solid hold, so much so that the spikes in my hair (currently two inches in length) remain upright, but have an almost matte look finish. I'm not a great fan of this look, mainly because I get ribbed for looking like Andy Coulson (the disgraced and currently incarcerated former Director of Communications of David Cameron) but I couldn't grumble about the initial hold. 

After the damp application the hold remained for around five hours, I could alter the style, the paste didn't rub off onto my fingers and there were no signs of the dreaded white flakes associated with hair styling products. 

So, the hold didn't last that long, and when you also factor in that I found it near on impossible to style my hair when it was applied to dry hair I just tossed this back into the basket of hair products to be used when my favourites run out.

GO 24-7 Texture Pasture competes on a price level with other brands, but it fails to live up to expectations in the most important category - it doesn't have the long lasting hold that I personally look for in a hair styling product. If you are looking for a paste you should take a look at Fish Soho, but if gel is more your thing then The Legends London have a maximum hold gel that gives far superior hold and is much easier to apply.

While I won't be rushing out to replace this one when it eventually runs out and it seems that I'm being overly harsh in fairness to he product it does have strong hold, just not for long enough.


You can buy the product here if you wish and there is a pretty decent hair styling tutorial video.
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