Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chatham Kensington Chelsea Boots

My boots were the source of much amusement amongst my friends, I have had the pair below for years and years (and I would hope so, they have a ten year guarantee). They are so old in fact that one of the boots has a grey tinge to it where I balance on one foot at bars waiting to be served!  A change in style and direction was needed so when I was approached by Chatham I jumped at the chance to try a new style of boot and a different colour to go with my evolving wardrobe (it has gone from predominantly grey and black to all sorts of colours now).

Step forward (pardon the pun) Chatham Kensington Chelsea Boots, in a tan colour. Available from the Chatham website here for £69.

Chatham are a British based company who for the last twenty five years have traded on a nautical traditional of quality, and is now growing into one of Britain's key lifestyle footwear brands. They say about themselves that quality, durability, marine aesthetics and performance form an integral part of all Chatham products.

Committed to creating a range of classic sailing kit, country footwear, all served up with Chatham’s very British style. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovation, durable materials with attention to detail.

All of their footwear is designed to be comfortable, functional and able to withstand all that nature can throw at it.

This is what they say about the Kensington Chelsea Boots:

‘Kensington Chelsea Boots - Tan. The traditional Chelsea boot with a modern twist. Kensington is made in premium leathers on our popular rubber crepe textured sole. Elasticated entry, contrasting back panel, and padded insock. A popular choice for all the gentlemen among us.’

When the boots arrived the wrapping was torn away to a lovely branded box - you get the immediate impression that they are very proud of both their British roots and their background in the nautical business. 

Needless to say my old boots were thrown to one side and these were slipped on in a jiffy. Smaller than my usual boot the elasticated entry meant that slipping them on was really easy, even though I have really wide feet. Comparing these the Chelsea boots I where with my suits they are a breeze (it takes about five minutes to unfasten the laces enough to get them on).

No additional insoles where needed as the boot - the padded insock of the boots provide enough bridge support and cushioning that the fit is snug and comfortable.  

Now this is where it gets a bit comical for me - my older boots weigh about six pounds each - yes, it is like having weights on the end of your feet! These are incredibly lightweight, so much so that I felt and probably looked like a newborn foal when breaking then it. It was just such a lovely sensation not to have to put any effort into walking! 

As the cold weather creeps in I can also gladly report that the grip on the sole is fantastic. Outside my flat gets really icy and with a lack of handrail when walking up and down the outside staircase it can be like dicing with death. Even with the cold snap earlier this week I didn’t end up slipping or sliding across my terrace or swan diving down the stairs. Result!

While I’m still getting used to wearing much lighter shoes the opportunity to try styling brown with my wardrobe has been greatly appreciated. After receiving these boots I have been back to look through the Chatham website for a pair of similar boots in a darker shade of brown as well. I can live with the fact that I look like I belong in the Ministry of Silly Walks, especially as I don‘t feel like I have run a marathon (a regular feeling with my old boots).

Well made, reasonably priced considering how well made they are and given the nod by friends as a refreshing change to my wardrobe. 


Speaking of friends, Bailey has to get a mention here, when she saw me wearing different boots she said I had to mention here that these boots would be a perfect accessory for someone looking to channel/style their inner lumbersexual - someone looking to hold onto an outdoor rugged-ness in a Ryan Gosling style.

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  1. We love Chatham :D The top pair would really suit Nathan ... may have to buy him another Christmas prezzi lol

    Louise :)

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. I love the boots you received from Chatham! The colour is lovely & will go with so many different outfits. I'm sure my other half would love a pair like this! xo

  3. Ohh what fab boots! Loving the style and the camel colour. One thing my Dad lacks is more casual Chelsea type man boots so I will definitely point these in hose direction!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Those boots are AMAZING! Great color too!

  5. so yes the boots look great, and any excuse for a pic of ryan gosling works for me. Be interesting to see if the boots stand up to a bit of manchester rain?

    1. They stood up to the rain, but struggled in the foot deep puddles lol!

  6. These look like great boots! Love the color!

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Those boots look good! I love Ryan Gosling. :)

  8. I keep my boots for years and years too - I get really attached to them!
    But an excuse for new ones is always good :)

  9. They look amazing!! :)

  10. Love the boots, also think men look great in boots.


  11. These boots look gorgeous! I always (unintentionally I think) judge people by their shoes and these look beautiful. Smart but not too much & the leather looks like the kind that'd ages really well :) xx

  12. They look fantastic! I do love the colour!

  13. Great boots! I've never bought anything from Chatham but have seen some eyecatching styles!

  14. Great boots,my partner has a wide foot too might treat him to a pair for his next birthday

  15. I really love the look of these boots, I can see my hubby wearing them

  16. Nothing Like a good pair of boots to make you feel invincible

  17. Those are fab.. wish my fiancee would wear something like this

  18. Fantastic boots need to get myself some

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