Monday, April 24, 2017

GROOMING: 5 tips to selecting the best beard trimmer

Anyone who has seen my face recently will know that I have a nice little beard coming along – it’s finally getting to the length though, particularly on the sides where it needs to be tapered down so that most of the hair is on and around my jaw line. I could attempt to do this using a pair of scissors and a comb but given my lack of dexterity the chances of me cocking it up stand at about 99.99%. With that in mind, a beard trimmer is a must and as my creaking Braun trimmer came to the end of it’s life I had to go out and buy another. With this in mind I thought I’d share some tips on choosing the right beard trimmer for you.
First things first, research, research, research. Without this you could end up with a right lemon or worse, cripple your bank account and end up with a lemon.

My first port of call was the Beardoholic website and it was a great place to start.  

A good trimmer is a must have for those who can cultivate facial foliage. My main concerns/need were price, it had to be a brand I trusted, it had to have a charge level indicator and varying trimming speeds.

First, consider these questions when choosing a beard trimmer:

Should the trimmer have a cord?
What features do you want the trimmer to have?
Consider the battery power. How long does the battery last before you need to recharge? What is the battery’s lifespan?
Quality of the trimmer’s blades. The better the blade, the better cut. How well do the blades cut stray hairs?
Is the trimmer comfortable to hold?
Is the trimmer easy to use?
Is the price, right?

If you like having a beard, ensure your beard is well-kept - always. There is a difference between a messy beard on your face and a clean, well-kept one. You need to keep your beard tidy. This requires care. A barber can help you, but if you are trimming once a week it soon adds up and becomes unsustainable.

An electric beard trimmer is a convenient and easy device to use. A quality beard trimmer will cut unsightly beard hairs. You should never use hair trimmers as beard trimmers. Keep the two types of trimmers for their specific uses. Beard trimmers use custom blades. These razors come with an extra guard to trim beard hair to create clean cuts.

The distance between the trimmer blades determine beard hair length. Beard trimmers have higher precision. It can cut hard to reach places like above the lips or chin.

Make a rational decision when choosing a razor. Choose a trimmer based on practicality. A rechargeable clipper for efficiency sake. Similarly, buy a trimmer that allows guards or has an adjustable trimmer head. This will give a degree of versatility.

Get a clipper with detachable cutting heads so you can clean your blades easily.
GQ offers some advice too:

Ask your barber for guidance - If you're on good terms with your local barber, consider hitting him or her up for a technique tutorial on how best to use your new kit at home. Learn from their mistakes and you would be surprised how many barbers are happy to provide practical advice and assistance if you just ask.

Pay Extra for a Trimmer If Needed - It's worth paying extra for a trimmer with an additional specialized mini blade for fine detail work around the moustache and under the lips. Personally I must have a trimmer that cuts the hair away from around my upper lip.

Finally, an honorable mention for blade maintenance! Some trimmers do not require much maintenance. Others do. Some require only a switching of the guards; other more complex adjustments. You might need to apply oil to the blades after several uses. You must consider all of these issues when choosing a razor.

Keep an eye out for the review of my new beard trimmer, coming soon! 
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