Thursday, May 04, 2017

GROOMING: Ted's Grooming Room - Canary Wharf

I have something of a soft spot for the folk over at Ted's Grooming Room, they have been cutting my hair on and off now for about three years, always done brilliantly and without any hassle. With that in mind, when they opened a store in banker heaven, Canary Wharf I knew I had to give the place a try.

So with uber-long locks, and a scraggly-arsed beard that blew in wind I frankly looked a right state (a bit of Manc for you all there).

First all, the new store is easy to find despite being in the rabbit warren that is Canary Wharf, even I did it without the help of the usual 3 maps, Google Maps and then asking for directions. Tucked away in Churchill Place (full address below) you can't miss the bright red neon and cool Barbicide jar lighting in the window.
This is what confronted Sam, my outstanding barber for the evening.....
Grizzly Adams eat your heart out.....
After convincing the guy on the desk that I wasn't after his spare change I sat down with my coffee and watched the barbers in action as I waited my turn. As I'm sure we can all agree, I'd taken hobo-chic to new, exciting and scruffy levels. Unfazed I asked for a slapping (should that be slashing?!?) great undercut and a slight trim of the top. Sam to his credit asked if I was sure and then suggested a scissored undercut rather than a brutal clipper cut. I took his advice thank god! 

An hour in the chair and my hair was beyond compare!!!! Been dying to use that line for about twelve months!

So, a scissored undercut and then onto the beard. I had been trying to go for a Viking kind of look but it all went horribly wrong when I had to take care of it myself - thankfully Sam was a dab hand with the old clipper and cut throat razor. Precision lines and a couple of inches off the length - job done.

So, what did I look like after the £54 Full Ted experience? Bloody brilliant (I think, and I rarely think that when I look in the mirror). Throw in the relaxing massage, always excellent Turkish coffee and the option to have my brows threaded and you've got a cracking deal here.
I never had any doubts that I'd be sat here praising Ted's Grooming Room, they never let me down and the new store is well worth a visit. My cut and beard trim was down in just under an hour making the Canary Wharf store the must have for any chap wanting to look dapper. If you haven't been yet, you should, without fail.

So, along with Holborn, Charlotte Street, St Paul's (New Change Passage) and The Strand that's Canary Wharf ticked off and without hesitation I can highly recommend the store and the talented barbers available for all your hair desires.


Ted's Grooming Room - Canary Wharf
Mall Level -1
Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5RB

Telephone: 0203 397 9966

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