Thursday, April 06, 2017

AFTERSHAVE: Man Rose Eau de Parfum by Etro

Last week Beautyqueenuk and I went out on something of a blog event overload. First up was the amazing Ecotools (there is a video of me in the make up chair doing the rounds lol) event in Soho and then onto the Etro Boutique in Mayfair for the launch of Man Rose Eau de Parfum.
Man Rose Eau de Parfum by EtroMan Rose Eau de Parfum by Etro
Man Rose Eau de Parfum by Etro
Man Rose Eau de Parfum by Etro
Man Rose Eau de Parfum by Etro
To be blunt, after smelling this the other half fell instantly in love with it and while it took me about thirty minutes to really appreciate all of the notes I did find a whole host of other aftershaves from the Etro range but that's for another day. Today is all about Man Rose, a bottle of which will set you back around £105 for 100ml.

The boutique itself stocks super luxury goods and this sits in the higher end of aftershaves in my collection. Sometimes a large price tag doesn't guarantee a lovely long lasting fragrance but in this case nothing could be further from the truth.

The marketing blurbs says:

'Unique and endearing, the Etro ManRose Eau de Parfum was made for a man of timelessness. He is charismatic and gentle, with a deeply beautiful soul. His passion and masculinity blend beautifully together to create the ideal persona for this unforgettably attractive and commanding scent.'

The notes to Man Rose Eau de Parfum are:
  • Head: Calabrian bergamot, elemi, pepper and cardamon
  • Heart: Turkish rose, geranium, incense
  • Dry-down: Patchouli, vetiver, leather, amber and woods
From the notes I would expect a very spicy yet floral scent that has a depth that would keep it on the skin and noticeable for about eight hours. What I actually found was that it starts off with something of a spicy blast but only for a few seconds and immediately the rose and geranium are right at the fore. It becomes incredibly floral I think for around fifteen minutes and it gets really quite warm on the nose. 

After around half an hour this comes into it's own - the floral notes fade back and become really subtle. That takes some of the edge off and the vetiver and amber keep the warmth going. It's a beautiful blend of floral with a masculine base. Without the amber and woods this would have been too feminine for my taste but actually the blend is spot on.

Yes, it has a larger than usual price tag but actually when you consider that it is so potent you'll still be able to smell it on yourself about fifteen hours later then you have a cologne/aftershave that really delivers bang for it's buck. I can see this lasting for months as only a few sprays are needed.

Perfect for daywear or nights on the town it's a fragrance for any time of the day and oozes class.


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