Monday, April 10, 2017

AFTERSHAVE: Platinum Edition EDT by John Varvatos

Two weeks ago I left work with a real craving for lobster (weird I know) and after badgering the other half that we should go to Burger & Lobster for dinner she agreed as she was meeting the lovely PR firm that represent John Varavatos among other brands. As she left her meeting she bounded over with a toothy grin (artistic licence) and presented me with Platinum Edition by John Varvatos, a bottle of aftershave I've been stalking over at Pinterest for what feels like an age.
Platinum Edition EDT by John Varvatos
Platinum Edition EDT by John Varvatos
Platinum Edition EDT by John Varvatos
A 125ml bottle of Platinum Edition is available from Selfridges or Debenhams for £79, so not cheap, but with 125ml to plough your way through and the strength that comes with this means that it'll be in your collection for well over a year making that initial outlay actually rather reasonable. 

This is what they said about Platinum Edition over at Selfridges here:
'Embodying the rebellious yet elegant attitude of the brand, John Varvatos' Platinum Edition eau de parfum is inspired by a man of the same character. Beginning with bergamot and bitter orange before notes of incense and leather are introduced, the fragrance is warmed with a base of amber and white sandalwood.'
  • Head: Bergamot, bitter orange, sage, coriander, cinnamon and myrtle
  • Heart: Incense, vetiver and leather
  • Dry-down: Amber and sandalwood
The notes immediately suggest a very heavy and earthy fragrance and with leather sitting in the heart I confess I didn't have high hopes of liking this at all. As a lover of light and citrus fragrances I gained a little optimism from sight of a citrus note in the hope that this would provide some much needed balance.

First of all, this is strong, just a few squirts from the atomiser and the room is awash with a really sharp yet spicy aroma. Yes the bergamot is evident but the sharpness comes from the orange which feels heavy on the nose. Now that came as a massive surprise to given the freshness of Artisan Blu from John Varvatos (another lovely fragrance worth a sniff). Almost as soon as it hits the skin though this changes and the leather seems to come to the fore taking the edge of the sharp spice. 

As it dries down through the heart notes you can feel this getting warmer on the nose for around fifteen minutes as the incense dries and blends with the leather to create an almost middle eastern vibe on the nose - despite this, and with a good sniff you can still detect the bitter orange. I really liked this touch, and better still as it settled around forty five minutes in this really did calm down - it became much lighter. The spiciness dropped off significantly and the warmth reduced. 

In terms of heaviness I would put this with Fahrenheit. Despite my love of all things citrus and light this has such a unique effect on me and my skin. After applying it at 7.30 a.m. I can still pick this up on myself twelve hours later. It has received universal thumbs up when people have been accosted and asked "whatcha think to this?" once their evident shock subsided.

I would say this is perfect for daywear and I for one will be smelling delightful for the coming months as I waft into work wearing this. It's unique, earthy, screams masculine and lasts for an age, and then some. Looking to treat yourself or someone special then you can't go wrong with Platinum Edition by John Varavatos.


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