Monday, April 17, 2017

AFTERSHAVE: Jo Malone: Oud & Bergamot Cologne

One gift I received rather unexpectedly for Valentine's Day was a bottle of Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne, cheers wife. It's the first bottle of Jo Malone fragrance that has entered into my collection and I had high hopes as many friends have for years sworn blind that fragrances from this brand are to die for. Throw into the mix the fact  that the 100ml bottle costs an eye-watering £112 and you kind of hope, no, expect it to reach and breach some high, very high expectations.
Jo Malone: Oud & Bergamot Cologne
Jo Malone: Oud & Bergamot Cologne
Jo Malone: Oud & Bergamot Cologne
Jo Malone: Oud & Bergamot Cologne
This is what they say about the cologne over at the Jo Malone site here:
'Precious oud, reframed. The mysterious, smoky character of this revered wood, central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions, radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot and an orange granite accord. Hypnotic. Alluring.'
Head: Bergamot, orange accord and lemon
Heart: Cedarwood
Dry-down: Oud wood

First impressions are that this is a very dry fragrance on the nose - it's instantly spicy, which is something I found weird, yet it's so unique and addictive you can't help but fall immediately in love with it. The bergamot and orange are exquisite and stay evident for as long as the cologne lasts on the skin. That dry sensation gives way a touch after around thirty minutes and then it becomes much more earthy - you cold get the feeling that you are in the middle of a wood in chopping season - wow!

The cedarwood takes some of the shine off the citrus and warmth of the top notes giving this much much more of a manly scent. It then takes around another fifteen minutes before it evolves fully to the final fragrance. Hints of bergamot and the sharpness of orange accord blended perfectly with woodsy notes that provide depth to what could have been a very light fragrance.

Sounds great doesn't it? Well, yes it is, and in terms of expectations for the fragrance I was blown away, but it isn't all good. Five to six sprays give coverage that remains noticeable to you and those around you (people will say they love it) for about five to six hours at most. I would have expected more, especially when forking out so much for the bottle in the first place. As a comparison, Man Rose by Etro costs around the same, has the same type of note construction yet lasts for double the time. Both are amazing fragrances but you have to give it to the fragrance that delivers on value for money.

I'd recommend this to blokes who are looking for something maybe for a night out rather than something hard-wearing to last all day and then maybe into the evening.

It's recommended as it is so unique and such a gorgeous scent, but I just wish it was longer lasting and then for me it would be the highest possible recommendation. At £112 you kinda want something that goes on and on and on. Sort that (and maybe the price) Jo Malone peeps and I'll be first in line to buy another bottle.


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