Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel

Go on, feed your face after shaving - no, I’m not advocating lots of junk food, instead I’m talking about using Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel - new (to me) and exclusive products from, yes, you guessed it, Joseph Lanzante, the international and charismatic Italian barber. 

When I was asked if I would like to try anything from the range my eye was immediately drawn to the aftershave gel - mainly because if I get my shaving products wrong I end up looking like Freddy Krueger so it would be a good test for the product, but also because I’d never tried a gel after shaving, instead opting for a whole host of balms, creams and other associated potions.

Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel

You can pick up a 100ml bottle of the aftershave gel for £14.95 over on the Joseph Lanzante website (link below) - so rather than being a luxury item, it’s actually quite reasonably priced, and when you consider the benefits for your face, and the results I experienced it is excellent value for money.

Most male grooming products either claim to be the second coming of Christ or cost the Earth - this does neither and it one of those no nonsense products that simply does what it says on the tin (well, what it says on the brushed metal container).  

This is what they say about the aftershave gel over at the Joseph Lanzante website here (and there is a video of the man himself talking about the product):

‘The Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel is formulated to soothe, moisturise, and condition dry and sensitive skin that can occur after shaving. This non-greasy gel is absorbed quickly into the skin, and is rich in Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.

Simply rub the gel into the skin after shaving for soft and soothed skin. For best results use with our preshave and shaving cream for men.’

Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel

Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel

Now, I didn’t use any of the other products from the range when shaving, instead substituting this for my regular aftershave balm when taking off the growth I’ve been developing for Movember (and there has been quite a bit to remove).

After shaving my face did feel rather warm and there was a touch of razor burn - I’d left it way too long to shave so I was desperate for this to do the trick. After pumping some of the gel out onto my hand I was immediately hit by a flashback to my barber aged around six years old - it’s like a blend of citrus and Barbicide. So clean and fresh it gives off a sterile air that is incredibly reassuring.

It has a medium consistency, it’s not overly thick as you would expect a gel to be, in fact, as it sits on the hand it becomes more and more watery as it warms up making it so easy to rub and spread over the face. It’s absorbed in an instant and immediately gets to work.

I did find that this was soothing, the warmth was neutralised in seconds and in fact my face had a slightly chilled sensation for a good five minutes after using it. The little red bumps that had raised to the surface after shaving started to subside and overall my face feel soft and smooth. There wasn’t a hint of shine on my face and it didn’t look nor feel greasy in any way. 

Just fifteen minutes after shaving and any evidence of irritation was gone, and for this I am truly thankful.

The fragrance becomes so subtle it is hardly noticeable after about twenty minutes meaning that it wont mask your aftershave if you choose to apply some.

Joseph Lanzante Aftershave Gel is the business and I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to give this a try. It represents excellent value for money and does everything that it claims to. Given my experience of this I can say, without hesitation that I will be looking at picking up the other items in the range. If they are all this good then you can’t go wrong. This would make a great stocking filler, but this shouldn’t just be for Christmas, it should be in every mans grooming bag.


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