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Nivea for Men Cool Kick 48 Hour Deodorant

Now, I don’t have a BO problem, I wash religiously, in fact it’s borderline OCD as I really do fear smelling, or the people around me thinking that I smell anything other than lovely, or of Eau De Embassy Number 1 at a push (I smoke, for shame). To keep this self-doubt in check I really do rely on good deodorants.

Throughout my youth I was a firm convert to the Sure range of deodorants for men, they knocked the spots of everything else on the market in my opinion, and to steal their own marketing slogan, Sure didn’t let me down. As I aged (badly some would say) I found myself drawn to Right Guard, and it did offer excellent protection against that dreaded problem of body odour. Despite wracking my brain, I have no idea why I decided it would be a good idea to jump into the unknown and give Nivea for Men Cool Kick 48 Hour Deodorant a go.

Nivea for Men Cool Kick 48 Hour Deodorant

At £2.29 for 150ml can this really is quite cheap. I thankfully didn’t even pay that, I received a 35ml can, I think in a beauty box. 

This is what they say about the spray over on the Nivea site here:

‘NIVEA FOR MEN Cool Kick Deodorant with its cool-care formula delivers 48h confidence and antiperspirant protection keeping you fresh, dry and invigorated all day long.

It’s the perfect combination of NIVEA‘s mild care and reliable protection.’

First thing first, it smells actually rather lovely. It does have a fresh kick to it and unlike other sprays it doesn’t come across as overly artificial - and even better, it doesn’t leave white residue under your pit or down the side of your clothes, which is a blessing for me given the sheer amount of black clothes I wear (closet Goth alert)

Nivea for Men Cool Kick 48 Hour Deodorant

Nivea for Men Cool Kick 48 Hour Deodorant

With claims of 48 hour protection I had very high hopes for this, but after a brisk walk to work, a bit of lifting (that would be my laptop from my bag to my desk so nothing too taxing) the fragrance had changed from being fresh to slightly warm, and musky. I started to fear the worst.

After four hours on and very little exertion in a fairly cool office I was sure I could detect a hint of BO - first thought “oh Christ no”. After another hour my self-confidence had evaporated (like the spray) and I actually had to go and buy a can of Right Guard. A quick pop into the shower room at work and boom, the confidence was back.

Not wanting to sit here and write up a scathing analysis unfairly I did try it again when off at a conference in Perth recently, but alas, in a warm conference hall it’s claimed antiperspirant were nowhere to be seen and for a good four hours I was praying for time to pass quicker so that I could get back to my guest house to shower and apply some Right Guard (as an aside, and to add some positivity to this post - if in Perth you could do a lot worse than the Clunie Guest House - lovely Adele and Hatem, the owners were so friendly, it’s very clean and reasonably priced).

Anyway, back to this excuse for a deodorant - It doesn’t last for 48 hours, eurgh, the thought of how I would reek 48 hours after applying doesn’t bear thinking about. I found that after five hours I just couldn’t get comfortable knowing that my colleagues might think that I stink, or lord, hadn’t washed properly. Yes, it’s cheap, yes it has bold claims but avoid this like the plague as it simply does not do the job. 

Buildings burn, people die, but my hatred for this product will last forever!*


*this may have been adapted from the closing line of one of my favourite films, The Crow.

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