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Purifying Face Wash for Skin & Stubble by L'Oreal Men Expert

I have always wondered whether face scrub actually does anything to soften my grizzly stubble as it slowly turns into a scraggly beard! I can’t say I’d ever noticed a great difference until I started to use beard oils, so after moaning about the lack of male grooming advent calendars (gents, there are loads for women but not none for us), Mankind, those lovely purveyors of all things for male grooming sent me a sort of consolation package which included Purifying Face Wash for Skin & Stubble by L‘Oreal.

Purifying Face Wash for Skin & Stubble by L'Oreal Men Expert

Result! Thanks guys, when you said goodies, I didn’t expect a much needed aid package for my face!

Even at first glance this had me chuckling - on the rear the first things are “Feeling Dirty? Feeling Rough?” - erm, yeah, that’s me every day….

A 150ml tube of this face wash from the L’Oreal Men Expert range costs £6.35. 

This is what the product claims to do:

‘Eliminates impurities, skin instantly feels refreshed and energised and no feeling of tightness in the skin.
For Your Stubble, it eliminates dirt & pollution from stubble and beard area, and conditions and softens the feel of facial hair’

So, with a filthy mind (I mean face) and feeling extra rough I took my face, stubble and half asleep body into the bathroom to give this a try as soon as it arrived. It was the shiny tube that drew my eye and meant it got first dibs in the testing stakes.

God it smells gorgeous, it has the familiar aroma of the Men Expert range but it is far stronger on the nose, it’s like someone has rammed some Aloe Vera up your hooter (in a nice way). Unlike other face washes however, once it comes into contact with warm water it doesn’t get any stronger and any fears of it masking or lingering on the skin and stubble proved unfounded (I even got the other half to give it a whiff after rinsing to see if it had lingered - it hadn‘t).

The pale blue face wash isn’t that thick in texture which I found rather surprising, but that didn’t hold me back. A quick rinse of the face, a good blob of it in my hands and away I went. After closing my eyes and rubbing away for what seemed like an age I could tell that this had lathered up, the bubbles were really evident as I gingerly opened my eyes. It had covered my face, had turned a bright white (strange) and it seemed to be slightly absorbed as I stared vacantly at myself in the mirror! 
Purifying Face Wash for Skin & Stubble by L'Oreal Men Expert
Purifying Face Wash for Skin & Stubble by L'Oreal Men Expert

After rinsing the face wash off I was rather sickened by the colour of the water - a very murky colour that made me feel slightly ashamed, even though I’d been out of the razz for a good ten hours the night before. 

It says it shifts impurities - well, I haven’t got any litmus paper to test the Ph levels, but boy it shifted the build up of dirt and pollution that comes from living in filthy London. So, massive tick in the box that says ‘does this face wash actually wash’.

But, that was day one, I was particularly interested in the softening effect - did I notice anything on day two, three or four? Erm…….nope. It wasn’t until day five when the other half commented that the bristles were getting long but felt much softer that it dawned on me - I’d had a stroke and had lost the feeling in my hands…..(I jest and before you all get some mock outrage there is serious information about Stroke prevention here), I just couldn’t tell the difference, but I’m assured that my stubble and eventually beard was softer to the touch.

The Men Expert range for L’Oreal was in my opinion the first product that made me think seriously about how I look after my skin, and this is a lovely addition to the range. It’s affordable, lasts for ages, has a great smell, removes grime from the face and has the added bonus of softening my stubble and beard. 

At these prices, and based on the results I would recommend this as a staple for every bathroom. 


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