Sunday, November 22, 2015

FiT Lip Serum

Winter can play havoc with your lips, and being no different it has been a toss up between just struggling along or actually agreeing to try FiT Lip Serum to see if I can get my rough and dry lips looking moist and plump. I opted for the latter after being impressed with their Moisturising Ultra Serum and I don’t think I’m over egging it by saying it’s been a revelation.

FiT Lip Serum

This came to me thanks to the great folk at FiT, and it has been gracing my kisser for a good few weeks now, which I think gives me the perfect opportunity to talk through the benefits of this baby.

At £10 for 5ml it sounds like you don’t get much bang for your buck, but actually you really don’t need that much, and you don’t have to use it every day, so a little goes a long way. The last week here in London has been, well, blustery and let’s be frank, bloody freezing!

This is what they say about the Lip Serum over at the FiT website here:

‘Lip serum seals in moisture and repairs and protects lips from the elements. A unique blend of marine & botanical extracts delivers lasting hydration. Vitamin C & Calendula extract repair damage & soothe inflammation and OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration. Taste and shine free.

Marine extract - Sea algae - Delivers lasting hydration.
Botanical extract - Cassia angustifolia - Repairs & soothes damaged skin.
Botanical extract - Pisum sativum - Delivers antibacterial protection.
Vitamin C – Helps protect from sun damage & reduces irritation.
Calendula extract – Anti inflammatory, soothes.
OXY-FIT-10 – Oxygen delivery system - Fuels skin cell regeneration.’

FiT Lip Serum

Being an infrequent user of products for my lips, I thought this would have some form of chemical taste when applied - I would be wrong! While they claim no taste I just couldn’t get my head around how this could be so. Just before applying it for the first time I tried and tried to get an idea of what this smelt of but it’s surprisingly free from any aroma - strange.

Using the pump dispenser was easy and one pump gives enough to cover my big Mick Jagger lips. The texture was curious, it felt a little like baby oil but had a thicker consistency which meant I could spread it over the surface of my lips really easily and it didn’t leave a slippery, greasy or gooey residue on my finger. For me, this was a massive bonus. In the interests of testing the ‘no taste’ claim I did apply some and lick it off - yes, I know I’m a little bit special, but hey, the things I do for this blog! In a nutshell, they are right, it has no taste at all, so no danger of it masking or altering the taste of food or drinks. Yay!

So, what did it do for me? Well, it coats the lips brilliantly, and after a week of using every other day my lips started to look much better - the colour was richer, the dry sections at the sides of my mouth looked far, far more hydrated and to the touch my lips were much softer. I couldn’t say with any confidence if the skin cells had been regenerated by using this, but when looking in the mirror my lips do look much healthier without looking as though I’ve applied some form of lip gloss (which would probably lead to an amazing amount of ribbing from my friends - yes I do have some).

Don’t be put off by the price - if I had seen this in a shop I might have walked on by but I am so glad that FiT Lip Serum is now a firm favourite and forms part of my daily grooming routine. After two weeks of using this I can tell that I still have over half of the tube left which makes it pretty good value for money. Combine the results that it delivers, the ease of application and the value for money test and this is something that every man should have in his grooming armoury. It’s bloody good.


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