Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar

Earlier in the month I was regularly bemoaning the fact that there appear to be hundreds of beauty advent calendars for women but none for men - yeah, that’s equality for you (joke). It actually resulted in me writing a post about the small range of male grooming Christmas crackers available. You can still see that post here. So, I was slightly taken aback when casually browsing the web (not the dark web) to find that The Bearded Man Co actually have one for us dudes, so step forward and take a bow because today I‘m highlighting the Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar

Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar

I’m actually really pleased that I found this as:

1 I’m currently sporting a gruff and snarly beard;
2 It will make a great gift in the lead up to Christmas for mates.

At £29.99 this calendar appears to be proving popular and after being paid, I went in search of a few to buy with no luck. They seem to be sold out everywhere. Fear not though readers, over at The Bearded Man Co website here they reassuringly say that they will have more in stock from 24 November. Rejoice, just rejoice.
Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar
This is what The Bearded Man Co say about the calendar over on their website:

‘This alternative advent calendar comes crammed with enough beard oils to see him right through to well after Christmas!

So his beard is going to look and smell amazing every single day in December. Bearded fans will love this ultimate selection of miniature treats in this luxurious calendar. Each little window houses a new dose of love for his beard. Each day he will discover a new scent, as this calendar contains our entire range of twenty four different scents.

Which will be his favourite?

Bay Rum, Bergamot, Black Coffee, Cedarwood, Driftwood, Fresh Cut Grass, Irish Moss, Leather, Lavender, Mahogany, Nag Champa, Oak Barrel, Oak Moss, Race Day, Rain Forest, Rio, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Sicilian Lemon, Spanish Orange, Steel, Tobacco, Unscented and Walk in the Woods.’
Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar
As a fairly recent convert to beard oils I have to say the range available seems out of this world and I can’t wait to get my hands on this - I’m looking forward to trying the rain forest, fresh cut grass and steel fragrances and know that the Sicilian Lemon and Lavender will have an aroma that I'll love.

At £1.25 for each 2ml of beard oil it does come at a premium but when you take into account the novelty value and the opportunity to sample so many new fragrances from a quality purveyor of beard products then I say go for it, why not have 24 days of treats? 

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