Friday, November 14, 2014

Woodhouse Clothing - Denim Guide

Style isn’t really my thing, I stick to solid colours and tend to wear jeans and a tee shirt if I’m going out or lounging around. If you asked me to tell you the difference between a type or style of jeans or denim I would look at you blankly so when asked if I would take a look at the Woodhouse Clothing new Denim Guide I was intrigued.

My denim/jean history reads like a sad poetic tale, in my youth (oh the 1980s…..) it had to be baggy jeans (preferably without the Bros transfers - remember those?!), in my teens it was boot fit to go with my goth/dark Terminator boots and moody grin and then in my 20s into loose fit as it started to all become about comfort. Now in my *cough* mid 30s I’ve been converted into regular fit jeans.

Back in the day jeans came in waist size 30, 32 or 34 and I always had a waist in between. Using a belt was useless as I looked like a sack of potatoes that had been tied by the village idiot. Hence I would style based on the fact that loose fitting jeans allowed me to hide the fact that they were either cutting me in half or in danger of hitting the deck.

Before I talk more about my conversion, here is a little bit about the clothing gods over at Woodhouse Clothing:

Established in 1975, Woodhouse Clothing is a British retailer with a physical base in Notting Hill and their online store. They stock a variety of menswear, accessories and grooming brands including Scotch & Soda, Barbour and Stone Island.

Jeans are a big part of their brand and they have put together a Denim Guide, an inside-out guide to, you guessed it, denim and how to care for it. 

I read the denim guide, it is truly awesome with a history of denim, how it is made, how to care for your favourite pair along with other useful hints and tips. They also link off to brand profiles and allow you to browse their amazing online store. 

Opting for a pair of charcoal Armani jeans I sat back and waited for them to arrive - and they did, swiftly and with a courier who knocked and waited for me to get to the door. The jeans came neatly wrapped and with a cool car air freshener.

I was asked if as part of this post I would style the jeans - I warn you, I have no style, but here is what I put them with……(no make-up was used in this photographs……and you can tell)….

Armani Jeans - Woodhouse Clothing - £100
Ripstop Tee - £25
New Rock Boots - £110 - Camden Town

The jeans I have to say are well worth the price, the have sizes that fit, I got a 33 inch waist and 34 inch leg and they fit a dream. They are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned and I would feel at ease in these paired off with a shirt in a social setting say a meal with the boss. 

Feel free to take the proverbial out of the photographs in the comments section - maybe I should improve my Photoshop skills!! 

Ending on a serious note, I could lose at least £10,000 on the Woodhouse Clothing site (if I had it), all of their clothes look good, even on me (I think) and I am by far my worse critic.  

Go and take a look at their site and read the Denim Guide, you will be amazed and converted.

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