Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash

In the words of rock legends Metallica “Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire, ooh!”.

No, this isn’t going to be one of those posts where I go off on a tangent, this post is about Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash. Another of the products that came in my Selfridges&Co male beauty box.

The reason for the musical introduction is because I always find myself singing this Metallica masterpiece in the shower whenever I spot the bottle or use the product.

I received a 75ml bottle in my beauty box which normally sells for £8.50. A 250ml bottle can be bought online from Kiehl’s website here for £17.50.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash

The Kiehl website doesn’t seem to go in for all the usual marketing fluff, but this is how they say it will do:

‘This effective “refuelling facial cleanser” helps protect skin from the effects of environmental aggressions and gives even dull, tired looking skin a fresher appearance.

Our efficient and energising facial cleanser thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil, and impurities without an over-frying effect. Formulated with Caffeine, Menthol, and Vitamin E - as well as invigorating Orange and Lemon extracts - its unique blend helps to refresh and waken skin.’ 

First of all, I tried this after a day and evening out in the polluted air of London so expected it to have a bit of grim to remove from my face. I was a little overeager when dispensing - you really don’t need a lot of the face wash as it lathers up brilliantly and stays cool and rich in texture.

Before moving on, I have to comment on the fragrance - considering the Menthol and citrus extracts you would expect quite a potent aroma with a power to slap you awake. Alas, this isn’t so, the Menthol is the overriding fragrance and you can detect the citrus but within minutes you forget that it’s there. Personally I like the fact that it is so subtle, particularly given the stripping power it has a grimy face!

After massaging the face wash into every inch of my face it was seconds before it hit me,, a strange, almost weird tingling sensation on my face. The bathroom was warm but my face felt ice cold. Awesome!

I massaged it into my face for around another minute until rinsing - I was frankly appalled with the colour of the water. Living in London with the pollution I am used to blowing my nose and finding soot in the tissue, but to see the murky water that greeted me made me feel dirty, indeed, I showered again.

Like using products similar to the Swisa Dead Sea Facial Peel, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash removes dirt and grime from the face, but also seems to go that extra mile and remove a layer of grim that other facial washes miss.

My skin was softer and smoother after washing using Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash and when it came to shaving, after using for a few weeks my whiskers were much smoother.

Of the products I’ve tried from the Selfridges&Co beauty box to date this is by far and away the best. A little goes a long way and it delivers everything that it promises making this exceptional value for money. Include the weird tingling sensation on the face while washing and the fresh feeling it leaves 


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