Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tone Tee - Fitwear for Men

“Hey fatty bum bum” that’s what small children chant at me as I cowardly make my way to the tube station in a morning. It’s like running a gauntlet of pre-pubescent hate. I am of course joking but seriously laughing away in my head as I recall the first ever episode of Peep Show where the housing estate teens mock the main character Mark by calling him “clean shirt”.

I digress in something of a fever, mainly because I’m actually wearing a Tone Tee at the moment, have a t-shirt on and the heating! 

If you ask anyone who knows me really well I’m slightly body dismorphic - I see a massive beached whale when actually I can be at a healthy 12 stone, which isn’t bad for a six foot broad bloke I think. So, I’m not fat, but I’m also not exactly toned.

Before anyone thinks I’m getting my kit off and taking pictures of my body you can think again/stop laughing/put the sick bag down (delete as applicable).

I think my body shape is quite weird, mainly because it is more of an hourglass figure because I don’t have kidneys where other mere mortals have theirs, therefore my sides are slightly concave.

When I mentioned that I was going to be trying the product and had to describe what it is I referenced that its like Spanx for men, to which the throwback comment was, "so it's Manx"......oh dear....

The Tone Tees sell for £19.99 (and they have a buy one, get one free offer) and since receiving my two, the first a t-shirt, the second a vest top I have seen adverts for them every time I turn on the television.

Their website outlines the usual marketing blurb and benefits of Tone Tee as follow:

“The Tone Tee tops are compression and shaping garments for men, which have been specially developed to create a smooth and more streamlined appearance to problem areas on a male body.

  • Tone Tee’s super-slimming secret is its specially-designed 360 degree Tone Technology – precision core stabilising compression panels which target key problem areas for men
  • Special built-in temperature control breathe-in-technology
  • The premium stretchable blended fabric fits firmly and comfortably against the skin so there’s no bulk under clothes
  • The athletic design is engineered for maximum mobility
  • No more feeling self-conscious, enjoy the benefits every other man is enjoying with Tone Tee.

With Tone Tee you get comfort, compression and confidence making you look slimmer, trimmer and leaner. You’ll see results instantly!’

The actual tees are really well made, the seams are sturdy and this is great for reasons that will become apparent. You can see the actual compression panels working across the fabric and when I held it up before trying I wondered how the hell I was going to get it on!

If I had to liken putting it on to another item of clothing it would have to be a wetsuit - it's bloody tight as you pull it on but what is instantly surprising is that while it should be sucking the life out of you, breathing is really easy and the tightness isn't irritating or uncomfortable, if anything its snug.

So, is it worth it? Well, the first time I wore it to the office nobody could tell I was wearing this under a t-shirt and I found that the compression panels actually did work - back fat is pulled in, buddy belly becomes flat and my pecs are shaped to look firm and toned. Result.

I found wearing the Tone Tees a breeze, they didn't make me overheat or sweat in any way and the comfort factor became irrelevant as I forgot I was wearing them each time I've used them.

Well worth the money and results that would take months in the gym. 

Body shaping for blokes - massive result.


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