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Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash

Back in June I wrote about a male beauty box from Selfridges&Co - I was really excited when it arrived with a range of products for me to try. A few impressed me (winking in your direction Scaramouche & Fandango), a few left me feeling cheated (I’m glaring at you Commes des Garcons 2). One that sat around for an absolute age without me trying it was a 100ml bottle of Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash.

In fact, it sat in the bathroom for two months until it was packed away (size over dedication to the body wash was the deciding factor) for my holidays. I tanned nicely, a bit too nicely around my shoulder and tattoo which meant using harsh or abrasive body washes would have been agony. 

Selfridges&Co Male Grooming Box

As a little background, I’m not committed to the brand, I’ve tried and written about their Seamoss Stress-relieving Hydrosoak in the past so was intrigued as to how this would react. My initial thoughts where why the hell would I want to smell like a peppercorn! 

So how do I rate this?

A 300ml bottle of the body wash is available here from the Molton Brown website for £18. This is what the site has to say about the body wash:

‘A luxurious bath and shower gel with Madagascan Black Peppercorn oil.

The fragrance
Top note: Refreshing coriander.
Middle note: Black peppercorns.
Base note: Aromatic vetiver. 

Formerly known as Re-charge Black Pepper.’

Not much waffle is there and what is this? Notes, for a body wash. Have I fallen into a different dimension? This is the first body wash or scrub I’ve seen that has notes!

On holiday I found this body wash a godsend. After spending all day in the sun fishing lets just say I smelt, erm,…..ripe. As soon as I unscrewed the lid the most masculine, deep warm amber smell hit me. You can detect hints of coriander but the base notes of vetiver punched straight through to the fore. This has a powerful fragrance, and it matches this in the washing stakes too.

After pouring a little onto my hand I found that it lathered up really well making washing very easy. The rich lather maintained its strong aroma and after a good scrub it worked its magic. Despite being a little tender the body wash seemed to soothe it slightly and didn’t irritate my skin.

The strong aroma dies down really quickly, within around 10 minutes of drying off but it lingers ever so subtly on the skin. Not only did the face leave me feeling refreshed I loved the earthy fragrance notes and the warmth that it produced while showering. Only a small amount was needed and even now with regular use (amongst the other many products I have to try) I have half a bottle left.

Personally I really like this and wish I hadn’t waited for so long to try it. 

As an aside, in the lead up to Christmas 2014, Molton Brown have a bauble of the body wash available as a limited edition gift here.


What is your favourite body wash?

Finally, a random picture of Dexter the cat....he is like a sniffer dog....

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  1. I think it sounds really refreshing, I can see why you liked it!

  2. Do you think that you would buy it? How much does it retail for? A lot I'd imagine. I'm sure I've seen cheaper brands with similar scents, such as Original Source. I agree that these sort of scents are traditionally very masculine but clean - I love them for the men in my life!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. Yes, I would buy it again, and at £18 for 300ml it is a bit expensive. Stephen :o)

  3. I buy this for my hubby, it smells just amazing. if you like it, try Pep noir by Bodhi too.


    1. Thanks for the tip Emma, I'll give it a try. Stephen :o)

  4. A body wash with notes is something.. I'm glad you enjoyed using it. :)

  5. Sounds like you found your thing! Hmm 18 pounds for a bodywash? Not my thing I guess. I also don't love strong scents, unless it's chocolate of course..nomnomnom

  6. i love the smell of molton brown body wash. my brothe uses it :)

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined
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  7. my OH tends to prefer Original Source - he's not a fan of these 'masculine' scented products as th're generally a bit too much

  8. I was surprised to find I liked the scent of this too, though I wouldn't use it x

  9. Sounds lovely, bit pricey for a body wash though.


  10. I do like Molton Brown products and this ones sounds really lovely! I like to switch up body washes as I love lots of different scents. Something I always gravitate towards though is anything from Soap & Glory

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. I love Molton Brown products for myself although I usually wait until someone treats me ;-)

  12. I have heard Molton Brown is amazing stuff (we saw it in the chelsea dressing room) - will look out for this

  13. Sounds like something my hubby would like!

    Pink Frenzy

  14. I love molton brown products and actually like the mens scents too! ha! They are a little pricey but totally worth it

  15. I love the scent of this - i know its a mans one but it's right up my street! A bit expensive though....

  16. Great review, I probably would've overlooked it because of the peppercorn scent but it does sound like a lovely Xmas gift for my oh

  17. Oooh I do like the idea of a pepper body wash for men! Must persuade my other half to try it....

  18. Interesting fragrant. I would really like to "smell" it in person. I wonder if my OH would like it...

  19. Sounds good, will keep an eye out for my OH to try!

  20. Sounds really good...I'm a fan of Molton Brown, I love their bubble baths.

  21. Including the notes in the description is kinda weird.. At least they were accurate though! The scent sounds really nice :)

    Jess xo

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