Monday, May 15, 2017

GIVEAWAY: Get dad on point with The Legends London

Apparently Father's Day is on it's way - it's on the 18 June this year so over the coming weeks it's quite likely that you'll see one or two posts about products you can pick up for your dad without breaking the bank. What better place to start than with a giveaway thanks to those lovely folk for over at The Legends London.
GIVEAWAY: Get dad on point with The Legends London
Say hello to Darius! 
The Legends London is a barbershop in Holborn, London where Darius and his team of amazing barbers cut, snip and shave blokes to grooming perfection. I've been lucky enough to experience the dab hand of Darius and you can read what I thought of the experience here. Not only did they make me look sharp and on point they introduced me to their range of shaving and hair styling products.

So, apart from razor sharp shaves and epic haircuts, The Legends London have a variety of other products on offer to help shape and style your locks. Their Maximum Hold Hair Gel has hold on a par with concrete and their pomade is great for slicked back styles and adding shine. You can read my review of the Maximum Hold gel here and my thoughts on the pomade here.

GIVEAWAY: Get dad on point with The Legends London
 So, what's the point of this post? Well, I've got one of each product to give away just in time for Father's Day 2017. Up for grabs are:

1 x 220ml tub of Maximum Hold Hair Gel

1 x 120ml tub of Original Pomade
1 x book of alum matchsticks (they help stop the bleeding if you nick yourself shaving)

Each of these products come recommended by me. They would make a cracking male grooming gift for your dad or just a fella in your life who needs to get their hair sorted and under control. 

This giveaway will be open for three weeks but due to postal restrictions will only be open to people with a postal address in the United Kingdom. You must be over 18 to enter or have parental permission to enter if under as I'll need your address if you are the lucky winner.

Good luck! 

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