Sunday, February 19, 2017

GROOMING: Ted's Grooming Room - Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia

A casual look at the homepage of this here blog and you’ll see that there has been a bit of a beard obsession for the last month or so. Yes, the beard is now so grizzly and I’m so scared of cocking up the shaping of it that I asked the good folk at Ted’s Grooming Room if they would like to have a crack at my beard so that on-going maintenance would be easier for me. They of course jumped at the chance and so yesterday I ventured around the corner from my office and slipped into the barbers chair at Ted’s Grooming Room – Charlotte Street.
Ted's Grooming Room - Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia
Usually when I venture into one of the Grooming Rooms I opt for The Full Ted, which comprises of a wash and cut, shave and eyebrow threading. With limited time, and a half-arsed attempt to grow my hair out again I opted for a beard trim and shape on my visit during lunch on Friday. This would set you back £22.50 and takes around thirty minutes. 

Drum roll please as the pictures speak much louder than any words that I could type!

Looking a state so you don’t have to!

So, this is what I looked like the morning of my visit:
Ted's Grooming Room - Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia
 Well hello there!
Ted's Grooming Room - Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia
The final result? Bearded awesomeness.

So, a quick compare and contrast and it’s obvious to even Stevie Wonder that Eren my nimble fingered barber performed a minor miracle. My beard is shaped and trimmed to perfection, it feels better, it looks better and it's now in a place where I can use my own trusty beard shaping tool and a razor to keep it under control.

As an aside, how cool is the lighting?
Ted's Grooming Room - Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about Ted’s Grooming Rooms – they offer a wide variety of treatments, they treat you like a king and their skilled barbers really do provide an exceptional standard of service. They know their craft and they attain perfection every time in my view. Throw in the Turkish massage and it's always an experience worth having.

Bravo, and thank you.

Ted's Grooming Room
20 Charlotte Street

Tel: 020 3 397 9966


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