Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Moustache Grooming Kit from Barber Pole

Unless you want to look like you’ve just crawled out of the Borneo rainforests after being lost for six months you need to take care of your beard – that’s a fact people, a total fact…….(sorry was chanelling my inner Trump then). Those locks growing on the front of your face don’t take care of themselves, so after leaving my beard to grow for two months it had got to the point where I could either a) shave it off completely (not an option according to BeautyqueenUK) or b) invest in a whole host of products to help.

A beard brush is a must have, as is beard oil or beard balm to contain the itching but what do you do about the hair that’s curling over your upper lip and into your mouth (eurgh)? You buy a pair of scissors specifically to trim your moustache, and that’s just what my lovely missus did for me, picking up a Moustache Grooming Kit from Barber Pole.
Moustache Grooming Kit from Barber Pole
Moustache Grooming Kit from Barber Pole
Moustache Grooming Kit from Barber Pole
Picked up from Amazon for just under £12, yes, just £12. If you want to pick up a set yourself you can do here.

So what comes in this particular kit?

1 x scissors
1 x comb
1 x leather carry case

The scissors promise to be super-sharp that will give a clean cut without pulling on your facial hair. Good stuff I thought and with zero research, zero planning and a very unsteady hand I dived straight in and tried these out…..so was it plain sailing or a complete ca-tashe-ophy?

The trimming and grooming process was so easy I was taken aback – honestly, I originally thought that I’d have a go, cock it up and end up having to shave everything off to avoid looking like my ‘tashe was lopsided. Nothing could be further from the truth. The scissors are razor sharp, not super sharp and they cut through my facial foliage with ease. No complaints from me on their ability to cut and even better not one painful snag. Top stuff.

After the first trim I did a little bit of research and realised that the tiny comb (it’s about the same size as my little finger) in the kit would make the process even easier. By using the comb to straighten the moustache, trimming evenly could be done with just a casual gaze into the mirror.

Doing this kind of thing at home using the grooming kit is saving me a fortune as I don’t have to go off and pay for a beard shape or trim at a barber. The scissors are sharp, they are really affordable and trimming my facial fuzz has never been simpler. 


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