Monday, February 27, 2017

6 Ideas For Trying New Things!

Okay, Valentine’s Day has been and gone and whether or not it is something you celebrate, there are 364 other days to be romantic, try something new or just show some appreciation to your better half letting them know you care. We don't go overboard with Valentines Day, a card might be exchanged and it might not even have Valentines theme (read, it never has a Valentine's theme), but it is the thought that counts right?

There are many things you can and possibly should do to show your partner you do care, appreciate all that they do for you and well...does there really need to be a reason? Pinterest is one of those apps that I am obsessed with, it gives me ideas for trying new food, buying new t-shirts and here are a few ideas I thought I would share:

Explore Another Culture -  Most people have a bit of wanderlust and curiosity about other cultures and places and this is one of the easiest things to do and share with each other. It can be as simple as ordering takeaway or delivery, tickets for a surprise weekend getaway, or a visit to a museum. 
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You can even combine different elements, like having Indian takeaway delivered to the museum with a current Indian exhibit

Be a Tourist - It is almost universal that people who live in an area rarely visit their area’s tourist attractions. So you could throw yourselves wholeheartedly into the tourist role including taking several hundred “couples” pictures to share on Instagram or other sites.
6 Ideas For Trying New Things!

Go to the Dog Park - A recent Reuter’s poll found that a majority of people preferred to be with their pets than with humans, including their romantic partners. You score double points because your partner has fun with their pet with the added bonus of interacting with other pets and the dog gets a fun day out as well. 

Volunteer - Let’s be honest. Being in a relationship with someone who accepts you even with your faults and shortcomings makes you more fortunate than a lot of people on earth. Finding a cause or a group you both support is a great way to share your good fortune. From homeless shelters, food kitchens, animal rescue groups, to environmental groups volunteer organisations not only need, but will welcome your help. 

Do Something you Really Dislike - In every relationship one partner inevitably likes something that the other really dislikes. 
6 Ideas For Trying New Things!
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Make this about your partner and give it a try. Your partner likes roller blading through the park – grab a pair of skates. Ballroom dancing? Get out your suit and tie. Opera? As long as you aren’t sitting through the entire Ring cycle, a night at the opera can actually be a pleasant experience. 

I would love to know what kind of activities you get up to with your better half, do you save your appreciation for 14th February or do you show your gratitude and thanks throughout the year?

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