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FASHION: Atom Retro - Retro, Mod & Indie Clothing

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Atom Retro asking if I would like to take a peek at their website and choose an item of clothing to style for this here blog. After deleting my initial response of “are you saying I dress like I’m stuck in the 1960s” I took a peek and was instantly hooked on the sheer amount of clothing available for both men and women and how reasonable the pricing was.

For the sake of transparency, I was gifted with my choice but as ever, I'm being incredibly objective when it comes to sharing my thoughts.
Atom Retro - Retro, Mod & Indie Clothing
Lounging in the library at work
So, who are Atom Retro? This is what they say about themselves over the site here:

'Based in the UK and launched in 2004, Atom Retro has quickly become the one-stop shop for every sixties fan, retro lover or heritage connoisseur looking for authentic, high quality and original clothing.

We specialise in stocking iconic heritage brands such as Baracuta, John Smedley, Original Penguin, Farah Vintage, Ben Sherman and Gabicci Vintage – but we also have an eye for new and original independent designers and brands with a Retro or Indie edge such as Madcap England, Common People and Gonsalves & Hall.

Atom Retro was inspired by the Carnaby Street boutiques of the Sixties – recreated here online for the contemporary era. Reflecting classic, timeless style with Fashion that will live forever.'

They have everything you could possibly need to pull together an alternative look that will make you stand out in a crowd or simply state your own style in a unique and interesting way, without breaking the bank. Being a little conservative I opted for the Penny Dot Lane MADCAP ENGLAND Retro 60s Mod Shirt that sells for £34.99. A reasonable amount I think for a well made quality shirt. Normally when looking at casual shirts I can spend anything up to £100 so just £34.99 is not something to be sniffed at. 
Atom Retro - Retro, Mod & Indie Clothing
Atom Retro - Retro, Mod & Indie Clothing
Check out that retro old school phone! 
When I showed my better half my choice I could tell from the look on her face that this wasn't something she would pick for me but it has grown on her and she now likes the outfit when I combine it with dark blue jeans and my biker boots or my brown Chelsea boots from Chatham Marine.

I’ve worn the shirt twice now to work and I can categorically say I’ve never received so many positive comments about it – people love the shirt and the look, which is a shift away from my usual all black outfits for work! Navy is the new black people….Strangely, I wasn't even wearing the shirt to work today and someone commented on how cool it looked while sat in a meeting. 

Atom Retro don't just limit themselves to clothes either, you can also pick up some amazing retro stuff like this vintage record player for £169, this Dunlop flap satchel bag for £15 or these Winklepicker Chelsea boots for £89.99.
Atom Retro - Retro, Mod & Indie Clothing
Atom Retro - well and truly bookmarked and somewhere I'll be shopping from again and again. As I've said above, I'm being objective and there are lots of retro clothes on the site that I personally could not see myself wearing, in fact I just enjoyed looking at the wide range of sometimes bizarre clothes available. Go and take a look, I think you'll find something that appeals to you.


What do you think to my choice and the outfit?

*thanks Robbie for taking the pics!

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