Wednesday, November 30, 2016

‘The Meters Collection’ - free to enter jewellery competition

As part of my day job I get to do lots of cool things to promote smart meters. I know, it doesn't sound exciting, but wait until you see what I've been up to with three fantastic bloggers to mark the transition from old analogue technology to smart meters. 

Kat from Tales of a Pale Face, Aftab from Fresh & Fearless and Taislany from have taken the inner workings of an old analogue electricity meter and after working with North London boutique jeweller, Tomfoolery have up-cycled the components into stylish pieces of jewellery. The Meters Collection! So, from crusty old analogue meters to this.....
If you didn’t already know, every home in Great Britain between now and 2020 will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to gas and electricity smart meters. This means that over 53 million new meters will be installed in homes up and down the country.

Your energy supplier installs the new technology at no extra cost. Smart meters come with a portable in-home display that shows you in near real time how much energy you are using and the true cost in a language that we all understand, pounds and pence. The smart meter sends your meter readings to your supplier meaning no more estimated bills, you pay exactly for what you use.

You can see the pieces in more detail below. Now here is the good part, each blogger has five pieces of their creation to give away to their readers. All that you have to do is pop over to their blog, tell them one of the benefits of smart meters (hint, look at the paragraph above) and you’ll be entered into the draw, and just in time for Christmas.

Fresh & Fearless 

This is something that I could see myself wearing, it's a lovely male cuff. To enter Aftab's giveaway, click here.
Taislany Gomes 

This is industrial chic cranked up to 11, with a sterling silver collar that incorporates nameplates from the meter and black diamonds to the front and rear chain. To enter Taislany's giveaway click here. 
Tales of a Pale Face 
Understated elegance is the order of the day with this 9ct gold statement necklace that incorporates an aquamarine stone along with cast elements from the internal workings of the meter. To enter Kat's giveaway click here.
When analogue energy meters are upgraded to smart meters it is done by specially trained engineers and they are taken away and their parts recycled. This one-off jewellery project has been done under safe and controlled conditions using meters that have already been removed from homes. This should not be replicated at home!

I've had the chance to see the pieces up close and they are stunning. Sadly for me I can't enter (that would look ever so slightly dodgy) but you can, and if you live in England, Scotland or Wales you should. In fact, what are you still doing here?!?!? 

Finally, a special thank you to the great folk at CL Refurbishments for providing Smart Energy GB with the old analogue electricity meters. Without their kind donation of meters this project would not have been possible.

What do you think of the jewellery that has been created?
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