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Schwarzkopf 3D Molding Wax

When it comes to hair products I’m not short of things to try, and that is why nearly a year after sending me a pot of the Schwarzkopf 3D Molding Wax (shouldn't that be moulding?) I’ve finally gotten around to writing about it. Oops, sorry! I could pretend that it is purely because I wanted to use the entire tub but I’d be lying, it’s actually because I’ve found this one of the hardest posts to write…..ever, and what’s weirder is I have no idea why (indeed, I appear to becoming more and more clueless as I get older).

Schwarzkopf 3D Molding Wax

Anyway, before I digress any further from what is essential about some goop you put in your hair to hair it a bit of background into my hair and the product itself.

When I started using this months ago my hair was in a permanent state of shock, by which I mean I had short and spiky hair. This has grown out and more often that not now I can be found with longer hair that is swept back. The two photographs below show the general styles I’ve been sporting for the last six months.

Schwarzkopf 3D Molding Wax

So, onto the product……at just over £10 this is more expensive than other styling products from Schwarzkopf. In the past I have picked up their products and been mildly surprised by their affordability and performance – you can read about my experiences of got2b Spiking Glue here and got2b Glued Spiking Wax here if you so wish. This is what they say about it over on the Schwarzkopf website:

‘Get maximum, 3D care and protection for your hair with the Schwarzkopf [3D]MEN range, a collection of products that address the daily challenges of a man's hair.


The first styling brand matching the 3 key performance dimensions of male styling:

[1] Hold
[2] Texture
[3] Definition

Molding Wax

The versatile wax is ideal for creating supple styles with a natural hold, and it is particularly effective on medium-length hair that craves volume and shape. The creamy texture of the wax melts onto hair without stickiness, and offers a natural shine finish that lasts.

    Maximum moldability cream wax
    Create and re-invent with gravity-defying shapes
    Natural shine finish
    Apply to dry hair and mould into style’

Schwarzkopf 3D Molding Wax

Schwarzkopf 3D Molding Wax

Styling with 3D is actually quite easy no matter how long the length of hair - personally I find that even with short spikes or a messy look the style is held perfectly in place even without blow-drying. I have to admit that with a short style it does help slightly when applied to damp hair. That said, even after being exposed to stupidly strong wind it only moves the hair slightly which makes manipulating back into style a breeze (pun intended)

As my hair gets longer I think this is where 3D comes into its own - with a brushed back style like the photographs show it holds, and it holds all day, and then well into the night with no hassle. Seriously, apply this at 8 a.m and it'll still be holding your hair in place at 10 p.m - you can't argue with that kind of staying power. It’s so hard wearing that it is on a par with Structure Adhesive Paste, one of the most hardwearing hair styling products I’ve ever used – the main difference is that this is much easier to style with on medium to longer hair.

Can it all be that good? Affordable purchase price, easy to apply and long lasting hold. What are the downsides? Well, there aren't any 'downsides' per se but my minor bugbears are that hair feels a tad greasy to the touch a few hours after using (simple solution: stop touching your hair) and finally you will be disgusted at how much pollution and grime it attracts and helps clings to your hair. Washing it out every morning brings the inevitable "eurgh" as I watch the manky (Mancunian for dirty) water wash away in the shower - so not a fault of the product, but still not nice thinking how much s**t has been stuck in your hair overnight.

Personally I love this stuff – while it looks like a cream, makes it easy to style as though you are using a cream you could be forgiven for thinking that this may be a cream. I was actually a bit confused when I realised that it is in fact a wax. The purchase price is an irrelevance when you consider that I’ve been using this nearly every day for over six months and it is only just now running out. That’s value people, and value that should be applauded.

This won’t leave horrific residue that starts to flake, makes styling easy and has hold that lasts for ages.

What’s not to like?


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